10 Best Tennis Racket Under $100: Buying Guide & Top Picks Of 2022

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Tennis racquets are available at various price points. Needless to say, price is the factor that first comes to the mind of millions when they plan to buy a tennis racquet.

It is said that the higher the quality of a product, the higher its price. In general, this is accurate, and tennis rackets are no exception. While most cheap tennis rackets tend to be junk, you can buy a quality racquet for less than $100.

This article will introduce you to the 10 best tennis rackets under 100 dollars. Let’s explore!


TOP (10) Best Tennis Racket Under $100

Product imageProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket4.9See latest price
HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet - Strung4.9See latest price
Head Tour Pro Tennis Racket4.8See latest price
Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket4.8See latest price
Wilson US Open Strung Tennis Racquet4.7See latest price
Babolat 2021 Boost Drive Pre Strung Tennis Racquet4.7See latest price
HEAD MicroGel Radical Midplus4.7See latest price
Wilson Racquet Sports Energy XL 2 Tennis Racquet4.6See latest price
Babolat Pure Strike 25 Tennis Racquet4.6See latest price
Wilson Minions Ultra 103 Adult Tennis Racket4.6See latest price


Buying Guide: What To Consider Before Choosing a Good Tennis Racket?

Price is an essential factor you need to consider before buying a tennis racquet, but it is not the only factor. No matter what you buy a racquet for, it would be best to consider many factors to ensure a racket will serve you well. These factors include:

1. Brand

Tennis Racquet Oversize Vs Midplus

Experienced players often choose racquets from well-known brands for many good reasons. Well-known brands not only offer high-quality products, but they also provide excellent warranties. While their products aren’t usually cheap, you will find one that fits your budget.

When it comes to famous tennis racket brands, we cannot ignore names like Wilson, Babolat, Head, Yonex, and more.

2. Price

The cost of a tennis racket is different depending on many factors. As mentioned above, you can get a tennis racket for under $100. However, you should not focus too much on the price and ignore other aspects.

3. Length

People often choose the length of the racket based on the age of the user.

For children under 11 years old, the recommended racket size is between 18 and 23 inches. For teenagers, they should choose a racket between 26 inches and 29 inches long.

With longer racquets, you can cover more grounds without moving too much. Shorter ones allow you to use more techniques and provide more maneuverability.

4. Weight

A beginner should choose a light racquet so that you can easily control the racket and play for a long time without fatigue. In addition, it provides better maneuverability for those with low skills.

If you choose a heavier racquet, it will be a little harder for you to move. Moreover, you need to use more muscle strength. However, heavier racquets have many advantages as well. For example, they can better absorb shocks.

So, it is wise to choose a racquet that is not too heavy or too light. In general, a racket of moderate weight will help you develop your skills and technique.

5. Grip Size

The right grip size will provide you with an excellent grip experience. As a result, you can play for hours without fatigue. At your local tennis store, you can try on several sizes to see which one fits you perfectly.

6. Head Size

Before buying a tennis racket, you also need to consider the size of the head area. It is best to choose the head size of the tennis racket based on your playing level. Head area sizes range from 85 sq. inches to 135 sq. inches. If you are a beginner, you should choose a racquet with a large head area.

10 Best Tennis Rackets Under $100 (In-Depth Reviews)

To easily choose the product that best suits you, you can refer to our top picks. Here are the ten best tennis racquets under $100 available in the market.

Let’s read our reviews to discover!

1. Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket – Best For Entertainment

Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

See Latest Price

Not everyone wants to play pants to compete or become a professional footballer, right? The fact of the matter is that many people play tennis for entertainment purposes.

For entertainment needs, a lot of people do not think about buying racquets from big brands. But, unfortunately, they are wrong!

Wilson not only offers tennis rackets for professional players, but they also have products for amateurs. So if you want a recreational tennis racket, you should consider the Wilson Adult Recreational.

Wilson uses graphite to create its body, so it is not light in weight. Specifically, it weighs about 11.2 ounces. It is true to say that this product is not suitable for people with low endurance.

But a light racquet is not always the best solution. Heavier racquets usually come with more excellent stability. Furthermore, this model adopts V-Matrix technology to help you easily create powerful hits.

If you play tennis for a long time, you will face a common problem – sweaty hands. Fortunately, this model comes with a perforated grip. The fact of the matter is that you will not be able to find this in other sub-$100 racquets.

Finally, this tennis racket is available in a variety of colors. So, you can select the color that makes you feel most comfortable.


  • V-Matrix technology
  • A perforated grip included
  • Volcanic frame technology
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Not lightweight

2. HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet – Strung – Best For Intermediate Players

HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet - Strung

See Latest Price

This model is one of the great tennis racquets that offer optimal performance for any player. That means it is suitable for both beginners and intermediate players.

The HEAD Ti.S6 is very popular. It is even considered the best-selling tennis racquet ever.

The material of this model is a combination of titanium and graphite. Therefore, it is light in weight but still ensures sturdiness. The durability of this model is also very high. It can even last for years without replacement.

The overall length of this racquet is 27.75 inches. Its head size is 115 square inches. Thanks to that, you can cover a wide area without moving too much.

In particular, this model comes with the Head Synthetic Gut, which is of long-lasting quality. This string can help you create top-notch shots. So, it gives you a lot more confidence before participating in any match.


  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding for intermediate players
  • Titanium body
  • Standard lightly padded cover included
  • Affordable
  • Very sturdy


  • Lack racket bag

3. Head Tour Pro Tennis Racket – Best For Powerful Swing

As a product from the Head – one of the best-selling racquet brands today, it always makes every player satisfied with its excellent quality. In general, it is one of the affordable tennis rackets that is ideal for beginners.

See Latest Price

Besides the affordable price, the factor that makes this model attractive for beginners is its features.

It comes with a headlight balance to enhance user stability. Meanwhile, it is still very effective at reducing vibrations whenever you hit the ball. The head size also helps amateur players master precision while they are trying to improve their skills.

It comes with Nano Titanium technology to ensure that it is lightweight and provides the necessary sturdiness. In addition, this model has excellent stability and powerful swing.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Large surface area
  • Great stability
  • Affordable rate


  • Lack a cover

4. Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket – Our Top Pick

This tennis racket is one of Wilson‘s most famous products. It is lightweight, durable, and cheap. So, the Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung is a good option for both beginners and intermediate players.

The Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket comes with a 110 sq inch oversized head. Therefore, this great racket will help you make accurate hits. In addition, it allows you to hit the ball with more force. So, if you are looking for a tennis racket that can give you more power and spin, it is the way to go.

See Latest Price

Its body is light in weight. However, it does come with a heavier head. This tennis racket allows you to play longer without straining your elbows or wrists. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for long matches.

The manufacturer adds damping pads to this product. They have the effect of reducing the vibration on the racket when you hit the ball. Thanks to that, you can control your racquet well.

It is pretty light in weight, only about 11.5 ounces. However, it still gives the user a great feeling. Furthermore, its strings are highly durable. They also work to reduce vibration to give you better control of the hits.


  • Lightweight
  • Damping pads included
  • Easy to control
  • Affordable rate


  • Not a good choice for advanced players

5. Wilson US Open Strung Tennis Racquet – Best For Budget

The Wilson US Open Strung Tennis is a racquet with many great features at an affordable price point. This product is a good choice for beginners, amateurs, and experienced players alike.

This excellent tennis racket is built from high-quality aluminum. Moreover, it comes with Arc 2 technology to provide players with excellent stability and controllability.

It is true to say that it is a solid and robust racket. This racket comes with Double Holes™ grommet technology to offer more power to the user. If you take good care of this racquet, it can last for a long time.

See Latest Price

It also comes with a power line to make it easier for experienced players to create hits with more power. In addition, it comes with shock pads to eliminate vibrations when the racquet hits the ball.

In general, if you are looking for a racquet that combines power and playability, the Wilson US Open Strung is a perfect choice.


  • Suitable for all types of players
  • Provides strength and stability
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable rate


  • A bit heavy for some players

6. Babolat 2021 Boost Drive Pre Strung Tennis Racquet – Best For Both Men and Women

Like the HEAD MicroGel Radical Midplus, Babolat’s Boost Drive Pre Strung Tennis Racquet is also an excellent choice for pro players.

See Latest Price

Although it is an expensive racket, it is not a wasted investment. On the contrary, with the great features of this racquet, this model is worth the money. For under $100, it is currently one of the most popular racquets for both beginners and professional players.

This tennis racquet offers maximum comfort for pro players and gives them better control. This product is also a good option for those who want to try out racquets with large heads.

With its 9.8 ounce weight, this racquet will not put you in trouble when moving on the ground. In general, it is an ideal model to practice and improve your technique.

Regarding its size, it is available in four different sizes. So, whether you are a man or a woman, you will find the right size for you.


  • Available in four different sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable for both men and women
  • Elegant design


  • Not for kids

7. HEAD MicroGel Radical Midplus – Best For Professional Players

Are you looking for a good racquet that matches your intense playing style? Perhaps the Head MicroGel Radical Racket is the perfect choice for you.

HEAD MicroGel Radical Midplus

See Latest Price

This racquet is the perfect choice for professional players. It is a light racquet that can make the player feel comfortable when swinging the racquet. Moreover, this tennis racquet allows you to hit the tennis ball with tremendous force.

The Head MicroGel Radical Racket is 27 inches long and weighs about 10.4 ounces. So, it is true to say that this model is a comfortable and reliable racquet.

It also provides the necessary rigidity to withstand the impacts of balls. With a more comprehensive design than a regular racquet, you can easily catch the ball without moving too much.

The HEAD uses a silicone-based material of low density to make this product. Hence, you can expect this racquet to have the best possible performance. Furthermore, to enhance the durability of this product, the manufacturer adds stiff carbon fibers.

In general, it is suitable for recreational matches or professional matches.


  • Offers great control
  • Provides a very comfortable grip
  • Lightweight
  • Comes pre-strung


  • Little stability
  • Not suitable for beginners

8. Wilson Racquet Sports Energy XL 2 Tennis Racquet – Best For Beginner

The Wilson Energy XL 2 is a perfect tennis racquet for beginners because of its toughness and durability. In general, this racket is suitable for players with low skill levels or those who need entertainment.

Wilson Racquet Sports Energy XL 2 Tennis Racquet

See Latest Price

This model comes with an enormous head measuring 112 square inches. So with this product, amateurs can quickly develop their strokes. Besides, it can provide maximum impact force without causing discomfort to the player’s wrist.

On the other hand, the manufacturer uses the V-Lock Bridge to add stability to this product. In addition, it comes with an Airlite Alloy design to make its weight as light as possible. Thanks to that, you can easily swing and play for hours and still feel very comfortable.

This model also features the Stop Shock Sleeve to help reduce vibration when you perform hits. That means it can provide stability for players.


  • An excellent choice for beginner players
  • Lightweight
  • Provides great control
  • Stability
  • Enormous head


  • Not suitable for professional players

9. Babolat Pure Strike 25 Tennis Racquet – Best for Juniors

Last but not least, the Babolat Pure Strike 25 is one of Babolat’s proudest products. This tennis racquet is one of those affordable racquets that can do it all. To be honest, for under $100, it’s a steal!

With a head size of 98 square inches, this product is a good choice for players or those looking for a powerful racquet.

See Latest Price

This model offers maximum comfort, incredible power, and excellent stability to the user. There are many things about this tennis racket that will make you fall in love.

Are you having shock and vibration problems? You will be happy to know that this tennis racquet can absorb shocks and reduce vibrations. In addition, its graphite body and eye-catching design will appeal to any player. About the size, it is suitable for juniors.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for juniors


  • Lack a cover

10. Wilson Minions Ultra 103 Adult Tennis RacketBest Look

Have you seen the blockbuster series Despicable Me? Who doesn’t love adorable minions? Bet you will be delighted to know that the minions are the inspiration for this product.

With its lightweight, this tennis racquet is a great training tool for beginners. It is also suitable for the occasional player looking for consistent performance in a tennis racket in the mid-range price range.

Thanks to its lightweight, this model can help improve power and spin. By using this racket, you can quickly accelerate without any problems.

See Latest Price

This tennis racket comes with a cushion-Aire Grip to provide the best grip experience. In addition, it provides the user with better control of the hits. You can use the Wilson Minions Ultra for hours and still feel comfortable. So, it is an excellent choice for players who have to play for a long time.

With its extra length, this racquet can increase your coverage for every hit. You do not have to have good skills to make good shots.

High comfort and great price are what make it so popular. In general, if you are looking for a beginner-friendly racket, it is your best choice.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Suitable for beginners
  • A cushion-Aire Grip included
  • Lightweight


  • Vibration reduction could be better

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size racquet is suitable for children aged 8-10 years?

You can choose racquets with lengths from 19 to 25 inches. About grip size, you can choose 4 ⅜” and 4 ½” sized grip for boys and 4 ⅛”, 4 ¼” and 4 ⅜” sized grip for girls.

2. Is a heavy tennis racket a good choice?

A heavy tennis racket will help you hit the tennis ball with more power. It can also absorb shocks very well.

In contrast, lighter racquets give you a speed advantage.

So, a heavy racket is the best choice for you if you are comfortable with it.

3. What is a full-size tennis racket?

When it comes to world tournaments around the world, a full-size tennis racket has a length of 29 inches. But, if you talk in general, a standard full-size tennis racquet is 27 inches long.

4. Can I put a tennis racket in my hand luggage?

A standard-sized tennis racquet has a length of 27 inches. However, airlines only allow hand luggage that is about 22 inches or less in length. That means you can only bring kids tennis rackets that are about 19 to 21 inches long.

Fortunately, international flights allow you to bring your racket.

Final Words

In short, whether you are a beginner or an intermediate player, you need the right racquet for yourself to improve your skills. Hopefully, through our top 10 best tennis racket under 100 dollars reviews, you’ll get some basic knowledge to make an intelligent choice.

Thank you for reading!

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