As a beginner in tennis, you wonder where to buy high-quality tennis equipment, especially the racquet. As it accompanies you every time you are on the court, it is reasonable that you consider carefully while choosing your first tennis racquet. 

Nevertheless, there are tons of tennis brands available, which all claim to be the best. So then, which manufacturer is genuinely worth your investment? Check out our six best-selling tennis brands in the racquet market below to make an informed decision!



Babolat, founded in 1875, first impressed the tennis market when inventing its tennis strings. Since then, this manufacturer had solely focused on selling strings and racquet accessories to the world until 1994. That year, Babolat started producing tennis frames and other products, eventually drawing the world’s attention with its high-quality racquets. 

Babolat racquets are served not only by professional players but also people of all skill levels. For example, some of the most reputable players who use Babolat racquets are Rafael Nadal, Kirsten Flipkens, and Andy Roddick. In addition, the company currently owns over 20,000 sporting goods stores worldwide. Thus, you can easily find a suitable and comfortable Babolat racquet no matter where you live.  

If you want to find a suitable racquet from this brand, refer to the Babolat Pure Drive 110, the most popular racquet model among newbies. 


Wilson is one of the leaders in the tennis equipment industry as their products have been endorsed by many famous players, for example, Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, and Serena Williams. 

Established in 1913, Wilson soon claimed its fame since its racquets and baseball shoes gained the trust of many professional players. Wilson’s racquets are usually well-balanced, comfortable, powerful, and easy to control. Thus, this manufacturer has won many people’s hearts, becoming one of the best-selling tennis brands in the U.S, second only to Babolat. 

Wilson now caters to people from various levels: beginners, intermediate, and even advanced players with its four main racquet lines. Significantly, Pro Staff, its most popular product line, has supported Federer to win 18 grand slam titles. 

If you are a newbie in tennis, you can check out Wilson Clash 108, which is highly adored for flexibility and comfort. 


It would be an injustice if Head did not appear in our top 6 best-selling tennis brands. Although Head was founded much later than the abovementioned brands, it acquired a significant reputation by introducing the first metal racquet. Whereas other companies only offered wood frames, Head became a game-changer by this magnificent invention.  

Besides the metal racquet, this manufacturer also overwhelmed the market with a lot of innovation in technology. Some of these innovative models are Microgel, 360 Spin Grommets, and Graphene 360. Moreover, most Head products are pretty affordable yet high-quality. Thus, consider investing in a Head racquet if your budget for equipment is not too high. 

Many tennis stars also adored Head racquets, for example, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, or Maria Sharapova. Though it does not maintain high popularity in the U.S, Head’s presence in European countries is inevitable. As a result, if you currently live in Europe, many co-players of yours may have at least one Head racquet at home.

Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet is regarded as its best racquet for beginners. You can watch this video for further detailed reviews!


Even when it lost a significant proportion of market share to the three most famous brands for the last few years, Prince remains a leading manufacturer. 

This brand started as a ball production company in 1970. After shifting its primary focus to professional tennis racquets, Prince recorded a remarkable achievement when the Prince Long body Michael Chang Signature’ was named the No.1 racquet worldwide in 1995. Since then, this brand is well known for its simple yet impressive design, incredible power, and constant innovation. 

Unfortunately, Prince racquets do not present players with great control, which may be why some other competitors could steal its crown. 


Despite the lack of popularity in American and European regions, Yonex is the top 3 best-selling brand in Asian countries. This Japanese manufacturer impressively developed as the top racquet brand in the 80s owing to its innovative aluminum technology. Also, as some famous tennis players: Monica Seles, Marcelo Rios, Naomi Osaka, and Richard Krajicek endorsed this brand, it quickly grew popular among non-professional players.  

Though pretty expensive, Yonex racquets are worth the investment since it provides you with significant power and enhanced control. Besides, with several new technologies such as stainless steel and Graphite, Yonex is predicted to become even more popular in the future.


Dunlop has been famous for its user-friendliness, especially if you have just started playing tennis. This brand has also been promoted by many successful tennis players, namely Jonathan Marray, Nicolas Almagro, and Philipp Marx. 

Unfortunately, due to its lack of technological innovation in the 70s and 80s of the 20th century, Dunlop failed to impress tennis players, eventually losing its market share since then. However, with its recent efforts to improve product design and performance, many people still consider Dunlop their favorite brand. 

Final Thoughts 

Those are the top 6 best-selling tennis brands in the racquet market. With this information about each brand’s history and characteristics, we hope you will find it easier to know the brand and model that suits you the most, thus purchasing the right tennis racquet.

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