If you ever participate in a sport that requires constant movements, you would know the importance of having the proper footwear. Well-designed shoes can significantly improve performance and increase the level of mobility, especially on the court of badminton or table tennis.

Given the certain similarities between these two games, one might wonder: “Are badminton and table tennis shoes the same?” If you find yourself pondering over this issue, then this article is for you!

Are Badminton And Table Tennis Shoes The Same?

No, badminton and table tennis shoes are different from one another. 

Admittedly, they both share a few characteristics that make them suitable for athletes. However, upon closer examination, you can easily see how badminton shoes are slightly stiffer and heavier, with a much thicker sole

Furthermore, they tend to have a high heel cap. All these three factors are helpful for badminton players, as they have to be on the move constantly, jumping from one side to another. A pair of shoes with a great grip is the best tool that allows wearers to change where they stand within seconds.


On the other hand, table tennis shoes favor lightness and flexibility, which are crucial if players want to achieve swift maneuvers. 

A standard pair of table tennis shoes usually have a flat, grippy outer sole that clings firmly to the ground. There is no need for thick soles or heel caps to support the feet since the floor in table tennis is usually shock-absorbent.

How To Shop For Athletic Footwear?

Shoes to be used professionally vary dramatically from casual shoes that you put on daily. Purchasing high-quality shoes can be a bit of a daunting task, which is why you might want to follow these guidelines.

If you are not sure where to start, stick to the long-established, traditional names such as Adidas or Nike. Do not forget to check out the legitimacy of the store so you can purchase authentic products.

It will be even better if you make time at night since studies have shown that feet size would increase after extensive activities during the day. Wearing shoes when your feet are at their largest ensures you have a perfectly fitting pair.


Let’s stand up, jog in place for a few seconds, run around a bit, or even make a few jumps. You have to test out how the shoes would be when you actually put them to good use.

For example, you know why table tennis shoes should be lightweight with a firm grip. If you intend on joining a sport, ask the pros for advice on which shoes that enhance your capacity.

What To Look For In Athletic Footwear?

Besides, the dampness caused by heat can make it slippery for players when they switch positions suddenly.



1. Can I use tennis shoes to play badminton?

Badminton and table tennis shoes are interchangeable if you are not too picky and new to the game. Of course, they will deliver different performances, but the change might not be at all obvious for newbies.

That being said, if you are experienced in either of these two sports, replacing one pair of shoes for the other is not advised.

2. Do I need special shoes for badminton?

Yes. Badminton means a lot of lateral movements. Hence, you have to find footwear that protects your ankles and minimizes the chance of dropping.


After reading this article, hopefully, the question: “Are badminton and table tennis shoes the same?” would no longer bother you. So pick your pair of shoes, hop on the court, and get to the game right away!