Babolat Pure Strike 100 Tennis Racquet Review – Excellent for Aggressive Players

Babolat Pure Strike 100 Tennis Racquet


Are you searching for a high-quality tennis racket that allows dishing out angles and hitting deep? Well, you can try considering this racket from Babolat. Ensure that you will satisfy.

If you are wavering, you can read our Babolat Pure Strike 100 Tennis Racket review to determine your choice that is right or wrong. Roll down and read in turn!




  • Size of the Head: 100 square inches
  • Weight: approximately 11.1 ounces
  • Length: 27”
  • String Tension: from 50 to 59 pounds
  • Type of the Grip: Babolat Skin Feel
  • String Pattern: Mains (16) x Crosses (19)

Pros & Cons

There are advantages and disadvantages when you choose to own the Babolat Pure Strike 100, particularly, here are:


  • Speedy spin and strong power for the aggressive tennis players
  • Suitable string pattern, stiffness, and balance for intermediate objects
  • Great maneuverability that allows creating a crisp, fast response
  • High performance in the balance, spin, responsiveness, and power
  • Effortless acceleration because of having the superior spin generation
  • Flexible enough for a lot of various playing styles


  • The stiffer side of this racket, not the stiffest that you’ve used
  • Unstable at a couple of points and a result of the inconsistent response in all

Babolat Pure Strike 100 Tennis Racquet Review – Outstanding Features

Many tennis players believe and select the Babolat Pure Strike 100 because of its dominant features:

Medium Weight

In the strung form, the product provides the 11.2-ounce weight while the unstrung one is only about 10.06 ounces. From our point of view, we do not assume that this is lightweight, but medium in weight.

What can you do with such a tennis racket under 12 ounces? It allows you to handle heavy balls well. Even it also affects the racket’s overall quality.


Babolat has built the Pure Strike 100 with the hybrid frame construction with a blending shape – square and elliptical beam. This design of the frame contributes to adding weight, racket bending, and frame twisting.

Plus, to increase the stability at impact, this racket has constructed a broader beam at the throat and at o’clock sections (3, 9, and 12).

Combining with the hybrid frame construction, it brings flexibility and a forgiving response. Furthermore, not only is the thickness of the beam locations enhanced, but the precision, power, and stability are also improved significantly.

FSI Technology

The full name is Frame String Interaction Technology, and it having wider spacing is due to that.

Wider spacing between strings, particularly, the upper cross ones, makes speed, power, and spin easier. As a result, the stringbed has an extra sweet spot.

Head Size

Is the 100-sq. Is the inch head size small? No, this size is ideal enough for you to achieve a high ball rebound speed. Even the ball rebound becomes quicker and more accurate because of the large area of the racket – sweet spot. And importantly, you can quickly handle the off-center shots through this sweet spot.

Another advantage of the head size is to increase the ability to twist on the off-center effects. At the same time, it is helpful for fast response and high precision when playing.


We are especially impressed with the Syntec Feel Grip, a unique design for comfortable gripping when discussing the outstanding features of the product.

This feature is advantageous for any tennis player, who can get aggressive swings, thanks to a good gripping feel. Besides, it also adds a nice look to this Babolat racket.

Realistic Strength on the Field

The optimal features of the Babolat Pure Strike 100 will provide the tennis players with how realistic the result is.


Most of those who tried playing with the 98, did not appreciate the Pure Strike 100. They assume that the lighter weight makes it less flexible and disadvantageous if you would like to perform fuller swings.

Nonetheless, it is a well-known fact that you could still hit via the ball effectively, not making the ball fly the back of the fence. This performance is due to the larger head size. With those tennis players look for a light racket, this product will likely give them better control and feel in the hitting.


The Pure Strike rackets, which take control and speed into consideration, never make players disappointed with the blending playability at the net. Therefore, they are good enough for volleying.

Although the weight makes 100 hard to take volleys as effectively as the 98, it will give you certain stability.


Are you an intermediate tennis player? So, you can meet many difficulties in the serve – the trickest factor.

As far as we are concerned, the intermediate-level rackets feature spin and power. This is accidentally helpful for developing the strokes. And this product brings welcome power to intermediate objects on the server.

However, it is not easy to load power. You need to use force to focus the power and achieve accuracy on the serve with it.


Owing to maneuverability and lightweight, the Pure Strike 100 creates plenty of opportunities for tennis players on returns.

In particular, the players can hit their returns with respectable space and depth. Even they may keep the shots in the hitting when taking more aggressive returns.

But, this racket also leaves the drawback, which lacks the knifing of the ball to avoid floating back of the ball though this is not a big issue when playing single.

Some Comparisons

Next, we make several comparisons between Babolat and other famous tennis racket brands so that you get a clearer view:


Both Babolat and Head are the top brands of tennis rackets and are used by famous tennis stars like Nadal or Djokovic.

For the design, either Babolat or Head can bring comfort and maneuverability. If Head is powerful among men tennis players, Babolat is an insured name by Nadal – the world’s top tennis professional.

Yonex Vcore pro

Babolat is considered a big brand of the tennis industry while Yonex is a rising tennis star. Nevertheless, either Babolat or Yonex are strong options.

We surveyed the tennis players’ opinions.

They tried starting with Ezone Xi and VCORE in turn, and they felt satisfied. Afterward, when they turn to play with Babolat Pure Drive, comfort and power are hard to beat.

In sum, it would be best to choose something countable and enjoyable in the hitting.


If Head and Babolat are quite similar to the construction, Wilson is something different. Babolat has built a convenient frame to make tennis players more powerful. On the contrary, Wilson provides something more traditional.

So, choice objects are also different.

In accordance with spin players, a lighter racket like Babolat is more suitable. Those lower-ball players often pick Wilson because they could hit every corner as desired and achieve swings easily.


Is Babolat a reliable brand?

Mentioning Babolat, this is a reliable brand that invented tennis string. In addition to the tennis rackets, Babolat is well-known for badminton rackets and even paddles.

What racquet does Nadal use?

Rafael Nadal, a legendary tennis player, has created plenty of victories in his career, and one thing contributes to his performance, the best racket.

In the early days, Nadal chose to use the Babolat Pure Aero Racket and then a Babolat AeroPro Drive.

Is a heavier or lighter tennis racket better?

Heavier rackets absorb better vibration. Generally, professional players have tended to choose heavier rackets to handle heavy balls. The best plan would be to select the heaviest racket in your capacity to hit, not losing the head speed

Do you need at least two tennis rackets?

Tennis players ought to equip one more racket because you cannot know when a string will be broken. As known, professional stars even carry extra rackets to meet their hitting conditions as well as other factors.

How to know your tennis racket is broken?

At the intersections of the cross, vertical, and main string, you start checking for nothing. Then, hold and push the strings in which they cross. Are there deep grooves? If had, the risk of breaking strings in playing is very large.

Final Thought

After considering our Babolat Pure Strike 100 Racket review carefully, how do you feel? Is this product good enough for you?

Well, we can give you a conclusion that this racket is an ideal selection for both intermediate and aggressive players.

It is noticeable the aggressive tennis players, who especially love this racket’s maneuverability. They can get attacking features, control, power, spin included. What’s more, don’t have to worry about being too heavyweight, which causes harm to your arms.

The last one, do as we say! Read our review carefully and then make the right decision. Good luck!

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