If you search for the best tennis overgrips, for the first time, you might only think about comfort. However, overgrips can do more than that.

To be specific, this part will enhance the original grip and prevent it from slipping out of your hand. Thus, your skills can be performed more reliably.

More excitingly, we bring a list of the best tennis overgrips here.


TOP Best Tennis Overgrips for Sweaty Hands

Product imageProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Gamma Supreme Overgrip4.9See latest price
Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip4.9See latest price
Senston New Racket Grip4.8See latest price
ADV Tennis Dry Overgrip4.7See latest price
Tourna Mega Tac Extra Tacky Overgrip4.6See latest price


The Best Tennis Overgrip Review

#1. Gamma Supreme

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The Gamma Supreme features more traction to your original grip so that you can control the racket more firmly and more importantly, absorb the moisture during the game.

The tacky level falls into four 4 out of 5. As a result, the grip can soak up the sweat, leaving your hand dry all the time.

One more interesting thing you might like about this is its neon colors including yellow, orange, and pink. It will add extra fun and a vibrant experience – for sure.

However, keep in mind that these colors are prone to dirt.

#2. Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip

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This Tourna Grip is popular among professional players such as Dominic Thiem or Pete Sampras.

The absorbency is excellent, making this product one of the best tennis overgrips for sweaty hands. It is thanks to the innovative technology developed by the manufacturer. Accordingly, moisture wicks through the grip before reaching your hand.

This product provides a non-slip effect. As a result, you can firmly hold your racket and perform strong smashes and get high scores.

Good as this product is, you might still not adore it. Some consumers describe the Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel like a piece of sandpaper. Thus, if you are playing with soft grips for long, you had better go for other choices.

#3. Senston Perforated Super Absorbent

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This colorful pack of overgrips works with various rackets of tennis, squash, finishing poles, badminton, and more.

Moreover, it is the best tennis overgrip for blisters. For your information, the overgrips are crafted with PU material. It is soft and thin so that you can still feel a real sense of racket.

Often, tacky grips can be the culprit (especially for beginners), but you have options, so if you’re prone to blisters, it’s worth exploring a few different grips to help prevent them.

Interestingly enough, these thin overgrips absorb sweat and provide a great non-slip effect. What’s more, there is no peculiar smell even you hold the grips for hours.

#4. ADV Tennis Dry – Remarkably Absorbent

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This product is, by far, the best tennis racquet overgrips in terms of price. One package comes with 12 taps so you can exchange the overgrip whenever you need it.

As an inexpensive choice, this product is made with an affordable cotton layer in the middle. It can not absorb moisture as well as the Tourna or Gamma, yet it still delivers a moderate tack.

Plus, the polyurethane upper (PU) layer also helps with shock absorbency.

#5. Tourna Mega Tac Extra Tacky

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Unlike the Tourna Grip, which is as rough as the sandpaper, the Tourna Maga Tac is somewhat more comfortable on the hand. Still, it offers a decent balance of sweat absorption and stickiness – although it is not as good as our expectations.

The good thing is that it can last from 10 to 14 hours under the standard playing conditions. Hence, neither the grip will not loosen after a while of the match like other tacky grips, nor the racket will come out of your hand.

Why You Should You An Overgrip?

Best Overgrips for sweaty hands

Again, we confirm that the overgrips are helpful for all tennis players.

You can expect:

First off, the overgrip gives extra stickiness for a better grip. Specifically, you can hold the racquet more firmly and stably to hit and receive a shot.

Secondly, the overgrip – more or less, will absorb the sweet running around when you are playing under the sun or you practice hard for a few hours.

Thirdly, soft overgrips often deliver comfort. Once you wrap your bare handle with the overgrip, you will feel the difference instantly.

Finally, it improves the durability of the grip. For sure, the overgrip gives an extra protective layer for the handle against dust or strong impacts.

Types of Overgrips: Tacky vs. Absorbent

As you can figure out from the list of the best tennis racquet overgrip tape reviews above, there are two main types of overgrips: the tacky overgrips and the absorbent-dry overgrips.

What are the main differences?

Tacky Overgrips

As the name might suggest, this type of overgrips gives off a better gripping feel and minimizes the possible slipping. Consequently, you can expect complete control of your hands over the tennis racket.

Take the Tourna Mega Tac, for example.

Now, this is the best tennis overgrip tacky on the market, which can maintain stickiness for up to 14 hours.

Absorbent Overgrips: Best Tennis for Sweaty Hands

Meanwhile, absorbent overgrips are designed for sweaty hands, using materials that can wick sweat coming off from our palms with ease.

We strongly recommend this type of overgrips for hot and humid weather conditions and especially for those who sweat a lot.

In terms of disadvantages, dry absorbent overgrips are not very comfortable for our hands. Not to mention, these parts are prone to tears and wears quickly.

By far, the most well-known absorbent overgrips is Tourna Grip.

Buying Guide: How to Choose The Best Tennis Overgrips?

Before we share some tips to pick up the best overgrips ever, we want to thank the best overgrip tennis-warehouse for their useful buying guide.

Hereby, we cover some key notes for you to take away:

#1. Your preferences

The most important thing to consider when it comes to the best tennis overgrip tape is yourself.

If you have played with a soft bare handle and grid for your whole life, then you should not turn into absorbent overgrips. They are hard and usually thick, as well.

Otherwise, you are suffering from hand sweat all the time. Then, you had better go for the dry choice.

The texture of the overgrips should also come into the buying consideration.

#2. Your tennis racket

You might like all the features of the overgrip. Yet, unfortunately, the dimensions of that overgrip are compatible with your racket.

Then, your effort and money are in vain.

Also, check the thickness of the bare grip. Keep in mind that an overgrip helps increase the handle’s thickness by 1.5mm. Then, if the racket is already thick, you should have a soft overgrip to maintain the perfect thickness.

#3. Brand and price

Although overgrips are often inexpensive, you might want to change it weekly or even after several days – based on how frequently you play tennis.

Thus, the budget for overgrips is really something and you have to keep the price in mind and purchase wisely.

But, do not opt-in whatever in the market, you should still go for the best tennis overgrip brand. To save money, you can look for one that offers discounts or sell in bulk. Otherwise, buy on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay to have the best prices.

How to Apply an Overgrip?

It will not take much time to master in wrapping the tennis overgrips – we promise.

You can refer to the tutorial by Tennis-Warehouse down below.

Some takeaway tips so that you can apply the overgrip more easily:

FAQs about The Best Overgrips for Tennis

Do pros use overgrips?

Like you, the preference for overgrips differs from player to player. However, we know more pros who use overgrips than those who do not.

Just to name a few: Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Dominic Thiem, etc.

Also, where to apply the overgrip varies. Some pros just put one overgrip over the original handle while others use two or more.

How often should you replace an overgrip?

Of course, it is based on how often you play and your sweaty conditions as well.

Normally, you should rewrap the overgrip every 3 to 6 hours of continuous play. For replacement grips, you can change them every 2 months.

Otherwise, when you see too much dirt around the overgrip or too much oil transferred to your hand that the racket seems to fly out. Then, make a change.

Do you put an overgrip over the original grip?

Yes, overgrips are put over the original grip to bring about a more comfortable or firm feel over the handle. It also protects your bare grip from wear and scratches.

Once the overgrips less wick the sweat, you can easily remove the old and replace a new one in a matter of minutes.

How long do tennis overgrips last?

If you mean the time before you have to exchange the overgrips, then we have mentioned earlier – an overgrip can be supportive within 3 or 6 hours of play.

If you mean how long you can keep the tennis overgrips after buying it, then check the valid date on the package. Ideally, you should use the overgrip soon after you take it out in the air.

Should I use a tennis overgrip?

This question is similar to the third one.

And, one more time, Yes – you should use a tennis overgrip.

What overgrip does Rafael Nadal use?

As far as we know, Rafael Nadal often put 3 Babolat VS white overgrips over his racket, from right to left. For those who might not know, he endorses the Babolat Pure Aero.

What tennis grip size should I use?

Fortunately, you ask.

Choosing the right grip size is important so that you can handle your racket with comfort.

The typical grip size frame is from 4 inches to 4 ¾ inches, measuring the perimeter over the cross-section.

For specific players, feel free to refer to this size chart provided by Tennis Plaza.

What grip size does Serena Williams use?

Serena Williams uses 4 5/8″ grip size – we believe.

How much does an overgrip add?

We recommend you to have a full wrap covered your original bare handle then overlap another layer. Just you might need two overgrips or even more.

But think about how heavy the overgrip will add to your racket. Too much is not recommended. Check the weight of the overgrip on the label.

Also, it depends on where you apply the overgrip. Normally, the overgrip will shift the balance of the handle, making it a litter headlight.

How do you clean tennis grips?

Honestly, you had better replace the tennis grips rather than cleaning them.

There are several brands of power that promise to clean the overgrips. Yet, they will not do much.

If you still want to clean it, please take care of the material of the grips and how sweaty you are, the color of the grips, as well as where you play tennis.


We hope that some information we will all the above help and you know what are the best tennis overgrips.

If you need any further advice, leave a comment down below so that we can support you more.

Next time, we will update this blog to the top 10 best tennis overgrips. Remember to check later.

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