If you’re new to tennis and not sure how committed you are to the sport, there is no need to invest much into expensive equipment. Expensive rackets are of better quality, but affordable rackets are more than capable of promoting fundamental skills.

Check out our best tennis racket under $50 reviews for some of the most affordable yet quality options around to kick start your game.


TOP 9 Best Tennis Racket under $50

Product imageProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket4.9See latest price
HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet4.9See latest price
Wilson US Open Strung Tennis Racquet4.8See latest price
OPPUM Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket4.8See latest price
Tennis Rackets for Kids by Street Tennis Club4.8See latest price
HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket4.7See latest price
Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket4.7See latest price
Teloon Recreational Adult Tennis Rackets4.7See latest price
HEAD Ti Instinct Comp Tennis Racquet4.6See latest price

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Tennis Racket Under $50

Here are some key pointers to keep in mind when shopping for a tennis racquet:


The weight of a racket plays a crucial role in your swings. If you’re a beginner, a lighter racket is the way to go as it’s easy to swing. Meanwhile, a heavier racket offers more power yet is less maneuverable, not to mention that it can fatigue your hands during long matches.


The standard length for adult players is 27 inches. There might be some rackets reaching 29 inches. Yet, longer rackets can be tricky to control; it is advisable to stick to the standard length if you’re a first-time buyer.

Kid rackets come in different lengths to suit different ages. Most brands provide length suggestions for your consideration to make sure you can pick a suitable racket for your little angels.

Head Size

A larger head size increases the power of the racket and widens the margin for error. It has a larger sweet spot (the best place to hit the ball), so the chance of accurate hitting will be higher. There are 3 main categories of head sizes:

The smaller head size gives added control for those confident that they can hit the ball cleanly. On the other hand, an oversized head is ideal for developing strokes with fewer mishits for beginners.

Grip Size

Make sure the racket provides the right grip size for your hand. When in doubt, get a smaller grip size, as you can always add an overgrip later for a small cost. All the junior tennis rackets come with a 4-inch grip size, so you can overlook this aspect when shopping for your children.


Balance, referred to how the weight is distributed across the racket, can be highly subjective. For example, some people might prefer more weight in the head while others like more weight in the body. In general, head-light rackets are heavier yet more maneuverable, while head-heavy rackets are lighter and give more power.


Buying rackets from a reputable brand saves you from unpleasant surprises in quality later. Wilson, Head, Babolat are the three most prominent names in the industry. They also cater to the lower end of the price bracket yet do not significantly compromise the quality.


7 Best Tennis Rackets Under $50 (In-Depth Reviews)

To make things easier on your part, we’ve handpicked the top 7 best tennis rackets under $50 available in the market. So, let’s check them out!

#1. Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket Best For Entertainment

Not everyone wants to play pants to compete or become a professional footballer, right? The fact of the matter is that many people play tennis for entertainment purposes.

For entertainment needs, a lot of people do not think about buying racquets from big brands. But, unfortunately, they are wrong!

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Wilson not only offers tennis rackets for professional players, but they also have products for amateurs. So if you want a recreational tennis racket, you should consider the Wilson Adult Recreational.

Wilson uses graphite to create its body, so it is not light in weight. Specifically, it weighs about 11.2 ounces. It is true to say that this product is not suitable for people with low endurance.

But a light racquet is not always the best solution. Heavier racquets usually come with more excellent stability. Furthermore, this model adopts V-Matrix technology to help you easily create powerful hits.

If you play tennis for a long time, you will face a common problem – sweaty hands. Fortunately, this model comes with a perforated grip. The fact of the matter is that you will not be able to find this in other sub-$100 racquets.

Finally, this tennis racket is available in a variety of colors. So, you can select the color that makes you feel most comfortable.



#2. HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racket – Best Overall

This HEAD speed junior is a lightweight racket suitable for players from 2 to 8 years old. Not only is it highly maneuverable, but it also packs a lot of punch for the player to hit groundstrokes from the baseline.

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One of the nicest is that the racket comes in 4 sizes: 19”, 21”, 23”, and 25” for an easier transition, with each size coming with a distinctive color. So when your kids outgrow their racket, they can move on to the larger size without experiencing any setbacks that an unfamiliar racket might bring.

This Head speed racket falls into the head-light category, meaning that the weight concentrates on the handle for easy maneuver and enhanced stability. In addition, the O-beam construction makes the unit more sturdy and durable while reducing the vibration through the arms when the ball hits.

The bumper guards at the top head also add to the durability of the racket. It shields the head against damages of ground collision and premature breakage resulting from the rough hands of kids.

The only quibble with this racket is the grip wrapping is easy to come apart, so you should expect to replace it sooner than other rackets.



#3. Wilson US Open Tennis Racket – Best For Ergonomic Handle

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Wilson is among the Big 3 racket brands. This offering is geared towards 3 to 6-year-old players who are just getting started in the game.

Wilson US Open is constructed of AirLite alloy, making it more durable to withstand pressure and abrasion while giving added power to the swing. Like the HEAD speed racket, it also offers various size choices available (19”, 21”, 23”, 25”, 26″) for your kids to upgrade once they outgrow their racket.

The Wilson also features a contoured handle, so it won’t slip out of the hand when your kids are playing. Moreover, the handle is relatively short, which allows them to hit the ball easier. Also, since this model aims at novice young players, it’s lightweight to allow more playability.

Wilson designed this racket with vibrant and fun colors to make its products more appealing to kids and teenagers. However, the white handle, according to many previous buyers, gets dirty pretty fast.



#4. OPPUM Adult Tennis Racket – Best For Shock Absorption

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This racket comes in a length of 27 inches and a big head size of 105 inches. The large head means you have a big sweet spot and greater power, making the racket more forgiving for beginner and intermediate players. It provides enough accuracy and power if you are learning the fundamentals of the forehand and backhand.

The triangular structure does an excellent job of absorbing vibrations. This feature, paired with the wood handle and shock-absorbing glue, noticeably reduces the reverberation reaching the arm even when you serve maximum strength.

Plus, the wooden handle with a 4 ¼ – inch grip gives a good grip without straining the arm and fits both male and female players. The double hole threading technology makes this racket more stable and durable.

However, you will need to restring it after some games to ensure the string maintains sufficient tension. Besides, with a strung weight of 11.3 ounces, this racket is slightly heavy for some players.



Not sure how often to restring your tennis racket? Check out this video by TennisCompanion for a detailed guide. How Often to Restring Your Tennis Racquet [Guide]

#5. Street Tennis Club Kid Racket – Best For Kid-Friendly Design

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This racket easily gets noticed by many kids on the court with a smiley face across the strings. Besides the look, it’s a great entry-level racket for your kids. You can choose from 3 sizes, including 17”, 19”, and 21”, to suit kids from 2 to 9 years old.

The unit is lightweight (at only 5.61 ounces for the 17-inch version) to allow young players to get a good, easy swing. The small handle also fits small hands easily and provides a good grip, which won’t fatigue the hands as quickly as larger handles. The combination of a small handle and the correct frame size makes this racket suitable for playing long hours.

We also love the thick gauge strings that offer the player extra power for the swing. The oversized head ensures more accurate smashes because it has a bigger sweet spot, so it’s unlikely that the player won’t hit the ball. If you’re looking for a racket that can build confidence for your children, it is a great choice.



#6. HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket – Best For Durability

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Conquest is an example of integrating technology to build a more affordable racket with minimal quality compromise.

The HEAD Ti. Conquest tennis racket features nano titanium technology, making it a highly stable racket. The material protects the racket against potential damage and breakage during use. Also, this solid construction helps you learn to swing more proficiently and hit the balls more accurately.

Like many beginner-friendly models, this racket features head-light balance, which means it’s slightly heavier to promote control and stability. Since beginner players should prioritize control over spin and power, this racket provides what they need. The dense stringbed does not add as much spin to the ball as open patterns.

With the oversized head, at 108 sq inches, you’ll get more forgiveness while hitting the ball, which is essential if you’re mastering precision. In addition, the large head always aids you in sending the balls over longer distances. Yet, it can strain your arms during long matches.



#7. Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket – Our Top Pick

This tennis racket is one of Wilson‘s most famous products. It is lightweight, durable, and cheap. So, the Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung is a good option for both beginners and intermediate players.

The Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket comes with a 110 sq inch oversized head. Therefore, this great racket will help you make accurate hits. In addition, it allows you to hit the ball with more force. So, if you are looking for a tennis racket that can give you more power and spin, it is the way to go.


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Its body is light in weight. However, it does come with a heavier head. This tennis racket allows you to play longer without straining your elbows or wrists. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for long matches.

The manufacturer adds damping pads to this product. They have the effect of reducing the vibration on the racket when you hit the ball. Thanks to that, you can control your racquet well.

It is pretty light in weight, only about 11.5 ounces. However, it still gives the user a great feeling. Furthermore, its strings are highly durable. They also work to reduce vibration to give you better control of the hits.



#8. Teloon Adult Tennis Racket – Best For Power

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For recreational adult players looking for some power in a racket, this pick is an excellent choice. Teloon has built a solid triangle with absorption technology embedded into it to not only lessen the shock to the arms when hitting the ball but also boost the power for the hit.

It is not a fancy racket, yet it’s nicely balanced. There are up to 10 colorways, so you’re going to have fun choosing your favorite.

The 102 sq inch head size provides enough sweet spots to increase your accuracy and control. There is also a concave or so-called string protector to prolong the lifespan of the strings by protecting them against abrasion.



#9. HEAD Ti Instinct Comp Tennis Racket – Best For Spin

HEAD Ti Instinct is the ideal frame for those who want a little more control and spin. It is built of graphite composite construction and features a more open string pattern (16×18), allowing for a more potential spin.

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Nano titanium technology is incorporated into this racket to make it light yet sturdy. Indeed, this racket is relatively lightweight, at only 10.6 ounces, so you can easily maneuver it.

The oversized 105 sq inch face size makes it an incredibly comfortable racket for those who don’t have much experience on the court. It also gives the player better power at moderate to full swing.

Thanks to the contour cushion, the handle lets the player secure the hand in place with more comfort and relax the arm to rest. In addition, head chose the head-light design for this racket to provide the players more stability to their shots.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my racket last?

A racket should last around 1 to 2 years, depending on how frequently you play. The frame might not show any signs of wear and tear, but it will eventually soften due to regular stress and restringing.

Are lighter rackets better?

Lighter rackets better fit new players or those with limited strength. They are typically easy to move and swing while offering more power. Nevertheless, you’ll get less control and stability when hitting the ball. In addition, these rackets provide less protection for the arm against shock.

Do more expensive rackets make a difference?

It is a big question for most people while shopping for their first tennis racket. In all seriousness, expensive rackets are not necessary for beginners. Before deciding if the sport is right for you, there is no need to invest in an expensive racket.

Of course, more expensive rackets are better in a few ways. One of the significant draws is that they benefit from better string jobs. However, strings on cheap rackets still can do a good job. Thus, as long as you feel comfortable playing with them, it pays to wait until you figure out your style of play and weaknesses to find the right upgrade.


If you’re searching for the best tennis racket under $50, now you have a list and basic knowledge about which factors to keep in mind. The best tennis racket is not necessarily expensive. It only needs to feel right on your hand and give you confidence on the court.

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