As you have just entered the world of tennis, picking up a racquet might be a daunting task. We have collected the best tennis racquets for beginners and some helpful advice to help you choose the right gear to start and level up your skills over time.

Best tennis racquets for beginners – Quick comparison

Product imagesProduct namesEditor’s RatingPrice
Wilson Clash 108 Tennis Racquet4.9See latest price
Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket4.9See latest price
Wilson Burn 100S Tennis Racket4.8See latest price
Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis Racquet4.8See latest price
HEAD Graphene 360+ Extreme S4.8See latest price
HEAD Ti.S64.7See latest price
HEAD Microgel Radical4.7See latest price
Babolat 2021 Pure Drive Lite4.7See latest price
Babolat Pure Aero Lite4.7See latest price
Wilson Tour slam4.6See latest price
Prince Textreme Tour 1004.6See latest price



Review 11 Best Tennis Racquets

Is the most expensive racquet the best one for you? Let’s find your answer by exploring our 11 top-rated models.

#1. Wilson Clash 108 – Best For Comfort and For Beginners

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Wilson Clash 108 is #1 in the ranking of best tennis racquets for beginners and seniors. With sturdy construction equipped with StableSmart and FreeFlex technologies, this classic gear won’t get you down!

This gear goes with FreeFlex – the original, revolutionary technology that makes Clash line a great pick for first-time players and professionals. This technology lets players swing freely and confidently in full motion.

With the weight of only 10.5 ounces strung, this tennis gear allows you to have a long, exciting playtime without hand and arm fatigue or injuries.

Second, this gear provides better stability than other carbon fiber models on the market thanks to its StableSmart technology.

While many of us stay with the average head size of 98-100 square inches, the Clash 108 has proved oversized heads aren’t any less comfortable, with a dimension of 108 square inches.


  • FreeFlex and StableSmart technology
  • Lightweight (10.5 ounces), easy, and comfortable to handle
  • Long frame for added flex and comfort
  • Larger head size (108 square inches)
  • Stringed for free upon request


  • Expensive

#2. Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racquet – Best For Aggressive Players

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This Blade Team racquet offers you a thinner beam of 22-23-22.5mm for an aggressive game. Thanks to this thinner beam, you can confidently handle all force on every shot with low handshaking and avoid discomfort and even injuries in a long game.

When looking for your first tool, we would highly recommend this equipment because of its amazing thin beam and, consequently, powerful spin capacity.

Without a strong grip, you cannot play winning shots on a court. This Wilson racket comes with a flawlessly measured design. The handle is just right and offers a strong, comfortable feeling for your hands.

With this racket on hand, you can move your arm in any direction and perform like a pro.


  • A thinner beam of 22-23-22.5mm for powerful spin
  • Matte, sturdy finish
  • Larger head than other competitors
  • Comfortable and sturdy to hold


  • Too stiff

#3. Wilson Burn 100S – Best Balanced Pick

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Wilson Burn 100 is the perfect pick for seniors who love light-head, well-balanced rackets. It is also a great runner-up for first-time players who need high-quality gear to practice basic techniques.

This item is a little bit heavy with a weight of 11.3 ounces. However, the weight is evenly distributed from the head to the handle for extra stability.

The original Spin Effect technology gives its owners strong stability for powerful spins. Additionally, this amazing technology also reduces any vibration and shock to your wrist and forearm.

Besides its outstanding performance, this tennis racquet also favors millions of users with its minimal design. You can mix the Wilson Burn 100 with any sports outfit of yours for an active, fashionable look.


  • Stable and well-balanced
  • High-performance carbon fiber frame
  • Increased RPM, which maximizes spin
  • Pre-strung with Wilson strings
  • Versatile design and colorway


  • Too heavy (11.3 ounces)

#4. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 – Best Lightweight

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As a beginner in this sport, you need time to develop your muscles and skills. A light gear like the Hyper Hammer 5.3 is a great start for you.

It has an 85% graphite and 15% hyper-carbon composition. This combination maintains 65% lighter (9 ounces) than titanium while making it four times stronger and stiffer. Therefore, you can spend hours learning with no discomfort in your forearms and wrist.

With a big head of 110 square inches and a length of 27.5 inches, the Hyper Hammer 5.3 offers a bigger sweet spot and a longer reach. This tool offers you a longer reach while minimizing missing ball hits.

Last but not least, this Wilson racket comes pre-strung with the Wilson Ultra Synthetic Gut Natural. You can get on court instantly without wasting time on stringing.


  • Premium materials for lightweight (9 ounces) and durability
  • Huge sweet spot for beginners (110 square inches)
  • Longer reach (27.5 inches) to catch more balls
  • Pre-strung, ready to play
  • Wilson Hammer Technology
  • Cover included


  • Low stability due to vibration

#5. HEAD GRAPHENE 360+ EXTREME S – Best For Feel

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The HEAD GRAPHENE Extreme S provides extra playability. This lightweight item of 9.7 ounces is the favorite choice of famous worldwide players like Richard Gasquet, Svetlana Kuznetsova for its stunning spin power.

What is notable here is that this model goes with Graphene 360+ technology. This unique invention allows beginners to level up their skills with optimal spin power and great energy return.

As a beginner in tennis, you will need to constantly improve your stroke and swing more effectively. This equipment gives you a good ball feeling, so you won’t end up hitting the back fence.


  • Graphene 360+ technology for a good feel
  • Lightweight (9.7 ounces unstrung)
  • Premium graphite material


  • Moderate swing speed

#6. HEAD TI S6 – Best Pick For Female Beginners

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When picking up gear for the first time, female players need more power support yet are better at power controlling. The HEAD TI S6 is our top pick for female players. This item is also one of the best tennis racquets for beginners under $100.

This model contains titanium and graphite, giving you an effortless control ability with a weight of 8.9 ounces strung.

Besides, you will easily generate power on your shots with its large frame of 115 square inches. A larger frame means that you will have a bigger sweet spot, thus minimizing any potentially missed shot.

The great price tags make it the best deal for those who have just started this sport. However, experienced players might find it bulky and difficult to maneuver at the net in an aggressive, fast-paced game.


  • Ideal for women due to great power support
  • Lightweight (8.9 ounces strung)
  • Wider main strings for a better feeling
  • The huge sweet spot for beginners
  • Affordable price


  • A lot of vibration and elbow stress
  • Bulky

#7. HEAD Micro GEL Radical – Best At Control

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The Radical line of HEAD has been iconic in the tennis product marketplace, with two latest ambassadors Andy Murray and Sloane Stephens.

One of its most well-known models – MicroGel Radical, has been a popular choice for intermediate to advanced players. This item can be used for players with little experience as well.

MicroGel Radical technology is this racket’s critical feature. This technology allows players to deliver fast, full strokes at the baseline. If you perform your shots with a rock-solid technique, the MicroGel Radical will react to your commands precisely.

The MicroGel Radical, along with durable carbon fibers, makes this Headgear a must-have for serious hobbyists.

However, novice players might find struggling when using this model. Due to its versatile controllability, you will lose your power if your skills are not fully developed.


  • MicroGel Radical technology for a great control
  • Suitable for many player levels
  • Good shock and vibration absorption
  • Durable closed-patterned strings


  • Loss of power to focus on control and feel
  • The small sweet spot (98 square inches)

#8. Babolat 2021 Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racquet – Best For Various Playing Styles

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Babolat Pure Drive Lite is the most lightweight item in the Pure Drive series, coming with just 10 ounces strung. The Pure Drive Lite fits many players with different playing styles.

This top-rated item ensures to offer newbies a perfect balance of power and control. First, it features Cortex Pure Feel – a special material using SMACWRAP technology to absorb shocks and improve control.

Nonetheless, it uses Babolat’s Syntec Pro Grip for a better ball response and control. You can also easily swing the gear to change your grip.

Besides those two magics, this Babolat racquet also goes with an open FSI Power technology. This innovative system creates an interaction between the frame and the string.

Besides, the open string pattern with the dimensions of 16 x 19 inches and optimized diamond grommets make it easier to hit the balls with depth, power, and spin. All those excellences combine to bring you a bigger sweet spot – an essential criterion of great gear for new players.


  • Suitable for many playing styles
  • Great manoeuvrability
  • Special material (Cortex Pure Feel) for better shock absorption
  • Lightweight (10 ounces strung)
  • Large sweet spot
  • Free Wilson Synthetic Gut 16G strings strung per requested


  • Only moderated stability
  • No cover included

#9. Babolat Pure Aero Lite – Best At Spinning

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First appeared in 2019, Pure Aero Lite is the lightest member of the Pure Aero family. This item offers the spin-friendly characteristic of Pure Aero but in a more lightweight, more user-friendly package.

At 9.5 ounces strung, Pure Aero Lite is light enough for teenagers and adults learning this sport who don’t want to carry heavy gear around.

Whether you are an aggressive player or just a newbie searching for your first gear, this item has been designed with an ultimate purpose – to enhance its player’s spin.

Besides the signature FSI Spin technology and Cortex dampening material, it also benefits from Aeromodular Beam Generation 3, reducing wind drag. All these fantasies allow rising players to deliver powerful spins with high precision.


  • Lightest model of the Pure Aero family (9.5 ounces)
  • Suitable for young players as well
  • Equipped with FSI Spin technology
  • Cortex material


  • Not as stable as the Pure Aero
  • Unstrung

#10. Wilson Tour Slam – Best Balance Of Power And Control

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Wilson Tour Slam Lite is a perfect balance of power and control for novice players. Featured V-Matrix technology with a gigantic sweet spot of 112 square inches, this gear gives its owners a power boost with a lower chance of missing ball hits.

Besides, this racquet is also equipped with maximum support for your skill development. The frame consists of AirLite Alloy – a special material that provides extreme durability and power. It also features Stop Shock sleeves at 3 and 9 positions, ensuring great stability and reducing vibration.


  • Light-balanced, huge head (112 square inches)
  • AirLite Alloy construction for maximum durability
  • Usable for indoor and outdoor courts


  • Expensive

#11. Prince Textreme Tour 100T – Best For Performance

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Like other Prince Textreme family members, this model benefits from Textreme – an advanced, lightweight carbon fiber material from the Prince family. This fabric maximizes the strength-to-weight ratio, giving its owners a sweet combination of stability, power, and astonishing feel.

If you haven’t heard about Twaron, it is the main ingredient in one of the most prestigious rackets of all time – the Head Pro Tour 630. Twaron combines with Textreme to deliver maximum responsiveness and stability with zero discomforts.

Besides its incredible technologies and materials, the Textreme Tour 100 goes with a decent customer service quality.

Compared with its competitors in this industry, Prince is known as a leading brand in serving customers. The Textreme Tour 100 is not an exception. When purchasing this item, you receive dedicated lifetime support and care.

With all these highlighted features, we think that Prince TeXtreme Tour 100 is a reasonable option for newbies or serious hobbyists.


  • Twaron for extra comfort
  • Textreme Speed Tow for balance
  • The big sweet spot (100 square inches)
  • Arm-friendly
  • Lifetime customer service


  • No complaints among customers

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Tennis Racquet for Beginners


Price is the most important criterion when purchasing a tennis racket. The average cost of tennis gear for beginners varies widely.

As a beginner, you don’t have to spend too much on your first racket. A reasonable item with good quality within your budget is the best option to go for.

Aluminum rackets are cheap and lightweight, which is highly recommended for beginners. Graphite is a good alternative with a higher price tag.


First-time players should choose a lightweight racquet. It is easier to swing and avoid hand and arm fatigue or injuries if playing for a long time.

A too-light item results in poor technique and muscle development. A heavier one makes it challenging to move around. The golden key is not too heavy, not too light, just right.

Head Size

According to famous tennis experts like Roger Federer or Andy Murray, a racket with a larger head size is the best for beginners. You should choose one with a standard volume of 100 square inches.

A bigger head size means that you have a bigger sweet spot. Since it’s more challenging for beginners to hit the spot perfectly all the time, larger racket heads allow you to target the ball effortlessly.

Grip Size

You should measure your hand grip to get a perfect grip size for you. If the grip is too small, you will have to squeeze the handle too much, which leads to muscle strain and even injuries. If the grip is too oversized, you will find it hard to control your wrist or make movements.

The appropriate grip size should allow you to hold the racket comfortably and turn your wrist and forearm in a full range motion.


You can choose a suitable balance type for your first gear, depending on your personal preference. Head-heavy rackets are lighter, offering more power in groundstrokes. Light-head ones are heavier but more responsive.

Shock Absorption

Shock absorption avoids shockwaves to transfer to your arm while hitting the ball and is highly recommended for beginners. You should look for rackets with shock absorption features, like built-in shock pads or woofer string technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best junior tennis racket?

Wilson Clash 108 is the best tennis racket for first-time players. With its arm-friendly design, large head size, premium materials, this tennis racket brings the most comfort and safety for beginners to learn basic techniques.

What type of tennis strings should I use?

Strings of natural gut and nylon are the best options for beginner players due to their comfort properties and power.

How can I get better at tennis quickly?

There are various ways to level up your tennis skills quickly. Below are some tips from expertise:

  • Practice basic techniques daily;
  • Keep an eye on the ball to control it better;
  • Position your feet in the right angle;
  • Always hold the tennis racquet lightly and low down.

Whatever tips you are following, remember that good physical health is the best preparation for tennis in particular and any sport in general.

How can I practice tennis alone?

You can practice your tennis skills alone by hitting a ball against a wall, a backboard installed in your home garage.

What is the best tennis string for a spin?

Babolat Pure Aero Lite is the best tennis string for a spin.

How do I know my tennis grip size?

You can measure your tennis grip size with a ruler. First, open your hand and keep your fingers extended close together. Then, align the ruler with the bottom lateral crease of your palm and measure to the tip of your ring finger.

What is the difference between a cheap tennis racquet and an expensive one?

The difference between a cheap and a pricey racket lies in their materials. An expensive one uses expensive, highly professional materials. Graphite, titanium, and carbon fiber are the three top materials for a premium tennis racquet.

How do I pick my first tennis racquet?

A good racquet for beginners should be lightweight and have a fit grip size so that you can play longer and avoid tiring or injuries. You should also choose the one with a big head size to develop your techniques in targeting the ball.


We understand that finding your first tennis racquet can be slightly challenging for you as a beginner. We hope that with our in-depth sharing of the best tennis racquets for beginners, you will have some clues in making an appropriate decision.

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