Can You Bring Your Tennis Racket On A Plane?

Can you bring your tennis racket on a plane


Traveling is very common for many tennis players. You can travel to join any tournaments in several locations different from your hometown or on a special vacation. But can you bring your own racket on a plane? Let’s read this article to figure out more details about the topic.


Bring a tennis racket on an airplane

Luckily, it is permitted for you to bring your own racket on any plane. To avoid any troubles, you must keep your racket in your hand luggage only.

Besides, most domestic and international airlines accept 29-inch rackets on their flight. Therefore, you should keep in mind all of this information to make sure that you are not stuck at any security gate at the airport.

Protect your racket while traveling

It is necessary to protect your racket well during your travels in different places. Here’s how:

  • Prepare a good-quality racket bag
  • Put the racket in the center of your suitcase surrounded by your clothes, paper, or other soft things to give it additional protection
  • Sometimes, stick your racket in your luggage if it is difficult to keep it inside

Note: As mentioned above, you should place your racket in your carry-on bags so that it might be simpler and quicker when you check-in at the airport.

Tips for any tennis travelers

  • Keep your racket in the hard-sided piece of your luggage
  • Put it in soft-sided bags and cover it with clothes or other stuff to reduce any damage
  • Avoid placing it in extremely cold or hot weather
  • Check the quality of your tennis strings before you go to make any immediate adjustments in time
  • Prepare extra rackets to replace if your in-use racket is broken or damaged severely
  • Make sure that the racket length is not longer than 29 inches.



How many tennis rackets can you bring on a plane?

Each airplane has its own policy about bringing rackets on its flights. So you have to check on their website to get the most reliable information.

Can you bring your tennis racket to Delta Airlines?

If you have a flight on Delta Airlines, you can bring a racket in your carry-on luggage. You should protect your racket carefully to maintain the high quality during your whole journey.

Can you bring your tennis racket to United Airlines?

As their policy stated, it is possible to carry one item of tennis equipment in a checked bag or hand luggage. To be more specific, an item of equipment can include rackets and balls inside a racket case.

Which suitcases are suitable to keep tennis rackets?

It might have some insignificant differences in carry-on luggage size. Most of them are 22 x 14 x 9 inches for all of their flights. However, for tennis rackets, you should bring any too long tennis racket over 29 inches.

Is a tennis bag considered a piece of carry-on luggage?

Your bag is recognized as a carry-on suitcase if it can meet all requirements of the airlines you are going to travel with. Most airlines only give permission for one hand luggage for the overhead bin along with a personal item. So you should check all details about your flight before buying tickets.


If you would like to enter any out-of-town tournament or play tennis on vacation, you can travel with your own rackets. Most airlines now accept that customers would bring rackets on their flight provided that their maximum length is 29 inches and they are on carry-on luggage.

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