Playing tennis has been proven as an effective way to improve aerobic capabilities, boost the metabolism rate, increase overall cardiac health and get rid of body fat. Given these wonderful benefits, it should be no surprise why many people are eager to engage in this sport.

But if you are expecting, the situation may change a little. There is specific advice related to which activities a pregnant woman should attend and whatnot. Whether to play tennis while pregnant is the question that this article sets out to address today. Are you in? Let’s go!



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Can You Play Tennis While Pregnant?

Play Tennis While Pregnant


Yes, you can still rock the tennis court when you are carrying a baby. 

However, most doctors would recommend you to stop this practice when you hit the latter half of the second and the third trimester, as the developed weight makes it more difficult for you to move swiftly without causing any harm.

So, it is best that you stick to tennis within the first few months of the pregnancy, then gradually dial down the frequency.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Tennis While Having Baby?

This sport is considered a low-risk sport, making it highly accessible and suitable for women who want to work on their well-being. For pregnant women, in particular, playing this sport can bring about various advantages.

Without some light exercises, you may have to suffer from these symptoms for weeks. A quick round of tennis a few times per week can be soothing for the ache.

Playing sports moderately will stimulate the release of endorphins, also known as “happy” substances that keep depression away. Thus, you are more likely to feel calm and relaxed.

Can you imagine the sheer agony of screaming in the labor room when your heart just wants to give up? Preparing beforehand with a few activities day by day sure will make pregnant women more able to sail through birth-giving. 

What To Notice If You Want To Play Tennis While Having Baby?

Play Tennis While Pregnant


We have established that it is relatively safe for expectant women to play tennis, at least during their first trimester. But it does not come without a checklist. For the sake of both yourself and the baby, make sure to follow these precautions.

Your doctors might be aware of some underlying problems that you have yet to know. So, do not jump at tennis without visiting your OB-GYN first.

Be on the outlook for any sign of headache, dizziness, swelling, etc. When you think you have an issue, stop immediately.

Or, if you want some fresh air, make sure the temperature is chill enough and your court has plenty of shades to move around. Overheating when it is scorching is not a pleasant experience for your baby.

But failure to get ready for the game is the number one reason behind body cramps, which can be exacerbated with the presence of pregnancy hormones. 


Play Tennis While Pregnant


1. When should a pregnant woman stop playing tennis?

You should stop as soon as you feel like there is something wrong with the body, such as irregular aches or pain. But even when everything is normal, it is recommended that mothers-to-be take a break on all types of sports when they reach their 4th month and beyond.

2. What sports should I avoid while pregnant?

You must not play any sports that may affect the belly directly.


Deciding to play tennis while pregnant is not as dangerous as it first appears. As long as you are serious about the aforementioned precautions, feel free to have a go at the court. If you have any other expecting friends who happen to enjoy this sport, send them this article right away!

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