To some people, smart accessories, especially smartwatches, have become indispensable items in their life. When it comes to sports, they even bring more benefits to the wearers. A typical example is the Apple Watch, which has advanced built-in sports and health monitoring functions like heart rate, step count, burnt calories, etc.

However, tennis is a sport that focuses a lot on arm workouts. Hence, many people have been confused when hearing the question “can you wear an Apple watch playing tennis?”. So, flip through this article to get the detailed answer and helpful information for your sports passion.


Can You Wear An Apple Watch Playing Tennis? 

Of course, you can wear an Apple Watch – or any other watch – while playing tennis. No rules and regulations forbid you from wearing a smartwatch while participating in a match.

This product should help you keep track of vital stats like speed, heart rate, oxygen levels,… which can be useful data to help you improve your performance through further practice.

Although a wristwatch can annoy players and reduce the flexibility of arm movements, many famous players still wear them during their matches. This happens for some possible reasons, such as when world-class players agree to endorse and promote a particular product in exchange for sponsored funds.

Let’s take a look at some famous tennis pros who usually wear a watch while competing in tournaments:

What About Wearing Apple Watch in Tennis?

What does Apple Watch do?

Nowadays, smartwatches, especially this watch, have become much more familiar. Especially for those who are using an iPhone, this product is one of the ideal accessory choices for both fashion and convenience. Here are some main functions of it:

How Apple Watch benefits your tennis practice

Typically, this watch allows sports players to take advantage of multiple smart functions during and after the game. As a result, players usually consider this kind of timepiece a utility item rather than a fashion accessory.

As mentioned before, this watch can measure various vital parameters, including the pace and direction of a player’s movement, heart rate, burned calories, weather conditions, oxygen levels, blood pressure, and body temperature. All these data and records can provide further support for players to evaluate their physical condition and fitness level, as well as training intensity.

Specifically, when it comes to tennis, there are some apps dedicated to this type of sport on the AppStore. Generally, its sensors permit them to collect data from real-time matches and transmit it to a cloud system. Then, after analyzing the process, this system offers some feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the player.

4 Best Tennis Tracking App For Your Apple Watch

To be honest, the Apple Watch’s native Workout app can only satisfy users to some extent. Therefore, if you want to track your activities in detail, refer to the following apps.


TennisKeeper is a tennis tracking app that allows you to save your activities and visualize your swing and speed. Furthermore, it helps you keep track of singles, doubles, cross-training, and even teaches some lessons to give you an overview of today’s play.


Considered one of the most recommended apps for tennis players, Swing can track your tennis score and match and then provide detailed stats of swing speed, spin, and shot distribution. Therefore, many tennis novices use Swing to help them improve their playing style and performance.

Smashpoint Tennis Tracker

Smashpoint Tennis Tracker is a fantastic tennis score app that allows users to track their own records and even their opponents as well. When enough data is gathered, it will conduct an analysis to show you some long-term progress statistics.

Tennis Fit

Tennis Fit isn’t as popular as Swing. However, it is packed with a whole host of great features: score tracking, exercise statistics, and stroke count. Moreover, this app can monitor your sessions automatically then give audio or tactile feedback.


Final Thoughts

In general, the Apple Watch is undoubtedly a helpful accessory in sports, especially tennis. While wearing this watch can make you unpleasant when in a tennis match, it comes with plenty of benefits in return.

In short, this article has provided the answer to your problem “Can you wear an Apple watch playing tennis,” along with some helpful tips and app recommendations. If you want to reduce the discomfort of wearing a watch when playing tennis, consider adjusting the strap accordingly. Good luck and enjoy your games.

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