4 Main Differences Between Cheap Vs Expensive Tennis Racquets

Differences Between Cheap Vs Expensive Tennis Racquets

In general, investing to start a sport always brings a lot of anxiety. Specifically, with tennis, the biggest worry is in the racquet, one of the main gears of this sport. When it comes to tennis racquets, there are several choices available with varying prices. For beginners, the Differences Between Cheap Vs Expensive Tennis Racquets […]

String Pattern Tennis: Tennis Racket 16×19 Vs 18×20 (Detailed Comparison)

String Pattern Tennis: Tennis Racket

Since its appearance, tennis consistently ranks among the top of people’s favorite sports. A racket is their “weapon” with the player, and choosing the suitable one is extremely important. To meet the various demands of customers, manufacturers have developed and offered an enormous number of rackets based on different criteria. Among these products, the most […]

Tennis Racquet Strung Vs Unstrung Weight: What’s The Difference?


In general, most sports have gears to play better. Indeed, selecting the appropriate tennis racquet helps you be prepared to dominate every game, set, and match on the court. Therefore, choosing for yourself a quality racquet is always one of the tough decisions. Furthermore, the string is the place to contact and affects the path […]

Tennis Racket Head Size 98 Vs 100: Which One To Choose? 


Unquestionably, the performance of a racket cannot lack the head size attributes, which leads to the importance of choosing the suitable size. However, seeking an adequate head size is never easy as it sounds, especially when picking from two options nearly the same size as tennis racket head size 98 vs 100. As a result, […]

Tennis Racquet Oversize Vs Midplus: Which Should You Choose?

Tennis Racket Oversize Vs Midplus

It is apparent that both oversize and midplus tennis racket have their own outstanding advantages. As a result, many people sit on the fence when choosing between tennis racket oversize vs midplus. Seemingly, choosing a suitable racket requires you a lot of time to research. However, there is no need to fret too much; the […]

Swing Weight Vs Static Weight Tennis Racquet: Which Is More Important?


In general, a quality tennis racquet helps the player have a better performance. Moreover, when looking for a tennis racquet, it is essential to understand all its specs. Indeed, this will give you a better idea of how the racquet will feel before you even play with it. Specifically, the heavy racquet is the leading […]

Tennis Racquet 2 Or 4 Knots: Which Stringing Is Better?

Tennis Racquet 2 Or 4 Knots

Table of Contents   Do you have a racquet that has broken strings? Then, check out this post to decide the better choice of a tennis racquet with 2 or 4 knots to obtain the best outcome.  Without strings and well-tied knots on your tennis racquet, you won’t hit a tennis ball effectively for several […]

Heavy Or Light Tennis Racquet: Which Should You Choose?

Heavy Or Light Tennis Racquet

Table of Contents   A person who wants to play tennis well must own a quality racquet. Therefore, choosing a racket is always one of the biggest concerns. In addition, the tennis racket must be suitable for one’s playing style to optimize their strength and eliminate the weaknesses. Moreover, when it comes to a tennis […]

Graphite Vs Carbon Fiber Tennis Racquet: The Winner Is…?


Table of Contents Every aspiring tennis player wants to find an impeccable racquet that is of tremendous benefit to their performance. However, the vast array of racquets available makes them feel confused and bewildered. That’s why in this detailed post, we will help you weigh the pros and cons of graphite vs carbon fiber tennis […]

Graphite Vs Aluminum Tennis Racquet: Which Should You Choose?

Graphite Vs Aluminum Tennis Racquet

Table of Contents Those who wish to pursue a lifelong career in tennis often focus on finding professional coaches or sharpening their techniques. However, they tend to overlook another critical factor, which is choosing the right racquet. Among the ever-growing selections of tennis racquets, the ones made from graphite and aluminum seem to enjoy widespread […]