It is more common for many people of different ages to play tennis. And lots of equipment has been supplied to support players during the match. But does a tennis ball machine actually improve the game? Let’s read the following article to figure out the best answer for you.


The tennis ball machine

Rene Lacoste invented the first machinery in the world in the 1920s. And this product was operated by the hand crank. Since then, it has become more common in many matches.

Once you switch on your engine, an electric fan will draw in air from the outside. Then, the air is pushed into a specific canister. When the ball is ready, it also makes an airtight seal at the end of the engine tube. It will give the same shot over and over.

Useful for players

This product can help you to have a great preparation for the coming real matches. Here’s how:

Top tips to practice



How long does the tennis ball machine last?

Normally, this product can be used for 4 to 8 hours before running out of energy. If you need to practice for much longer, you should prepare many batteries to keep it functioning well.

Do professional players train with the ball machines?

These manufactories are common for not only beginners but also advanced players. Practicing with it might help them a lot to improve their skills as well as their physical health for any match.

How much does the tennis ball machine cost?

In fact, it with good quality is quite expensive for many beginners. The price for this product is often above $1000. So if you do not play this sport regularly, you can choose to rent it at a much cheaper price.

Does the ball machine have any drawbacks?

Some disadvantages of all these products include:

How many types of tennis balls are there?

There are 4 main kinds of these manufactories including:


If you are still new to this sport, it is helpful for you to keep practicing with the machinery. This can help you to improve in many aspects such as footwork, recognition skills, and self-confidence. To optimize the result, you should get suitable settings for your engine.

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