How Does Weather Affect Tennis?

How does weather affect tennis?


Tennis is a common sport that often occurs outdoors. So it is hard to avoid the influences of weather conditions. But how does the weather affect this sport? Let’s read this article below to figure out the best answer to this question.



How does weather affect tennis

Temperature is one of the most important factors that affect the quality of a tennis match. First of all, if the temperature drops significantly, the balls might lose their bounce. The colder it is, the less bouncy your balls become.

Secondly, it is not good for your health when playing matches in too hot or too cold weather. This can cause heatstroke if you are exposed to hot sunlight for a long time. Otherwise, your body can be freezing and unable to react quickly to the extreme cold.


Humidity mainly has a negative impact on the players. In humid conditions, it is more likely for you to sweat a lot and consume much more energy to play tennis compared to normal weather.

Additionally, the balls also tend to become heavier and slower under a high level of humidity in the air.


Except for clay courts, rain might have severe effects on grass courts or hard courts. Due to the rain, tennis courts might be slippery and risky for many players. Besides, it would not only worsen your vision but also make the balls less bouncy once soaked in the water.



How does cold weather affect tennis?

The balls often lose bounce in the low temperature. And it makes your movement harder or even causes health issues to you.

How do you play tennis in the heat?

  • Keep hydrated with cool water throughout the game
  • Wear comfortable clothes and avoid any clothing materials which are not sweatproof
  • Do not make too many strong actions or running on the court
  • Use ice packs to cool down during your break or after the game to balance the temperature of your body

Does temperature affect tennis strings?

The temperature might have an impact on strings. The low temperature can make your strings stiffer and easier to break. And high heat also changes the quality of strings.

Is cold weather bad for tennis rackets?

Absolutely yes. The cold weather can damage both the string and the frame of any racquet. In turn, this would reduce your performance a lot.

How can you stay cool on the tennis court?

All courts of this sport are hotter than the air temperature so you should:

  • Wear hats to protect yourself from the sun
  • Stay hydrated and try to drink whether you are thirsty or not
  • Have some small breaks throughout the whole game
  • Get light and breathable clothing


Like many other outdoor sports, it is difficult for tennis to stay away from the many impacts caused by the weather. Some main factors such as temperature, humidity, and rain. Each of them can affect your tennis play both negatively and positively.

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