How Many Tennis Rackets Are Used In A Match?

How many tennis rackets are used in a match?


Tennis rackets play an integrated role in determining whether you lose or win in any match. So, you need to prepare yourself some good-quality rackets. But how many rackets are permitted to use in a match? Let’s read the below article to keep you informed about playing this sport.


More than one tennis racket in a match

In fact, you do not have to worry about the number of tennis rackets allowed in any match. It is acceptable for you to use several rackets during a match without any limitation.

Normally, around 6 to 7 rackets are used throughout the match. And some professional players can prepare 9 to 12 rackets for their important tournaments. If you are still a newbie, you can choose to start with at least 2 of these productions.

Why do you need multiple rackets?

There are some main reasons for having many racquets for a single match as below:

  • Many racquets are strung in different ways so that the players can pick up the most suitable ones based on the match conditions as well as their components’ play styles.
  • To make any replacement in time in case your in-use these productions or strings are broken accidentally
  • To switch any tennis racquet due to the failure of grip
  • To remain the tension consistency in the racket stable

Tips to prepare rackets before any tennis match

  • Get the right rackets for yourself: For a beginner, it is helpful for you to have a large head-size racquet. This kind is light and still very powerful so you can keep practicing comfortably.
  • String all of your racquets carefully: You have to keep in mind that the higher tension your racket gets, the more control you have on the court. Meanwhile, the lower tension of your racket might bring you more power to hit any shot.
  • Keep your rackets in good-quality tennis bags to protect them from any damage from the outside.

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Can you use two separate rackets in tennis?

There is no problem if you use two rackets in a match. To get the best performance, you should make sure that both of your rackets have no significant differences in string patterns, weights, and balance points.

Can players switch their tennis rackets?

It is allowed for players to change their rackets during the match. However, many people will switch their rackets if it is really necessary such as broken rackets or strings, different match conditions, etc.

How much does a tennis racket cost?

There is a wide range of prices for tennis rackets. For example, it might cost you about $30 for a junior racket, $60 for an adult racket, or even a few hundred dollars for a professional racket.

What can happen if a player breaks his racket on the court?

If you break your racket during a match, you can get a point loss, game loss, set loss, or even get disqualified at that time. In case you continue playing, you have to switch to another racket instead of the broken one.

Can you use your tennis rackets for other sports?

In fact, it is possible for you to use your rackets for many other similar games such as padel, badminton, squash, racquetball, or rackets.


There is no restricted rule about how many tennis rackets you can use in a match. You should prepare more than one racket so that it is more flexible for you when any issue arises. And all of your rackets need to be in their best condition to support your performance.


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