How Much Difference Does A Good Quality Tennis Racket Make?

How much difference does a good tennis racket make?


Having a tennis racket of good quality is essential for any player to get the best performance. But how much difference does it make? If you are still confused about it, let’s read the following article to get more information.


4 types of tennis rackets

  • Modern player’s rackets: They are quite heavier than the standard rackets. However, these racquets are beneficial with more power as well as spin potential.
  • Control rackets: These racquets are more suitable for advanced players than beginners. You need to use more power to have larger control of the ball.
  • Tweener rackets: Any intermediate player would use tweener racquets. This product has a balance between control and power when you play tennis.
  • Power rackets: This type of racket might help you to make more powerful shots with less effort. And you can know them as the “game improvement” rackets.


Differences in qualified tennis rackets make

  • Material

In fact, most high-quality racquets are made from great graphite or carbon fiber. So it is much easier for them to absorb any vibration from your racket and transfer your swing into the tennis ball. Meanwhile, cheaper rackets are often made from aluminum or alloy materials. This might help them be lighter but less durable than expensive ones.

  • Headsize

Depending on your own skill level, you should choose the most suitable head-size racquets. With the larger head size, it is simpler to hit the ball whereas you can react quickly if you use a smaller head racquet.

  • Strings

Expensive rackets would offer you polyester strings which are good at high durability and spin. Meanwhile, cheap products will give you strings made from weaker materials. So, their strings do not last as long as those of good ones.

Tips to know a good tennis racket

The quality of a racket depends on 3 main factors including power, control, and comfort. And the tradeoff among these factors will vary based on your level. Here’s how:

  • A bigger head size will improve the sweet spot and hit the better shot
  • Lighter racquets are easier for your swing and movement
  • Smaller head size might offer you more control of the game

Therefore, in some cases, it is quite difficult to compare the quality of many racquets depending on their prices only. You should consider all of the factors at the same time when making a decision about the best option.



Is a great tennis racket worth it?

A good racquet can give you a lot of benefits compared to the cheaper ones. As a beginner, you do not need to pay much money to buy an expensive racquet but the most suitable racquet for your level.

How much should you spend on a tennis racket?

With a tennis beginner, a good-quality racket often costs around $30 to $70. When you reach a higher level, you can prepare a professional racket at a more expensive price.

What tennis racket grip size is suitable for you?

You can calculate your grip size from your ring fingertip to the bottom of the lateral palm crease. So you should pick up a racket with the relevant grip.

Which tennis racket is best for beginners?

If you are a beginner and looking for a new racket, it is useful for you to have a large head-size racket ranging from 98 to 110 square inches. And a lighter frame is much more appropriate than the heavy ones.

How should you store your tennis racket?

To protect your rackets well, you should prepare a racket bag to keep them inside whenever you bring them out. Additionally, you’d better store your rackets at room temperature.


To sum up, a good racket does make many differences against the others. There are four types of rackets with various specifications. And you can determine how good your racket is through many elements including head size, materials, or strings.

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