Tennis is always seen as the most attractive sport for children all over the world. This is because playing tennis helps children not only ensure their health but also develop teamwork skills.

Therefore, investing in a standard and suitable racquet for your kids is essential. The article below provides 3 detailed tips on how to choose toddler tennis racket. All you need is to read it and help your children have great tennis experiences.

Do you know how to choose toddler tennis racket? Then, read the detailed article below to find the most suitable racquet for your young player. 


How To Choose Toddler Tennis Racket (Detailed Instructions)

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Before choosing a tennis racket for your kids, there are two critical factors to determine first, including the exact height of your child and the length of the racquet.

Due to the increasing popularity of tennis, manufacturers have adapted racquets to make them more child-friendly.

Currently, children can purchase the right racket based on their height measured in inches: 19, 21, 23, 25, and 26.

Testing racket length

There are some detailed steps for instruction to check the racket length: 

After conducting many surveys, experts have assessed that the standard size for a toddler racket is between 15 and 17 inches, and this size refers to the length of the racket’s overall frame. 

Most kids at this age will be best suited for a 17-inch racquet. However, nothing is certain. Depending on your child’s height, you’ll probably need a 19-inch racquet.

Testing handle size of the racket

Grip size is the distance of the racquet’s edge measured in inches. Choosing the grip size is relatively effortless because the manufacturer produces a 4-inch handle for most children.

However, it is still possible to find handles with other sizes, despite being extremely rare.

In many cases, a 4-inch racquet handle may be too big or too small for your children. However, some adjustments can make it more suitable.

If the grip is too small, an extra layer of tape can be wrapped around the handle for improvement. 

If the grip is too big, customers should go to a fully equipped shop for the best tuning.

Finally, you can refer to this video for a more transparent insight into choosing toddler tennis racket. 



1. What are the materials used to make a tennis racket?

Until the 1970s, rackets were mainly made of wood with leather handles and natural gut strings.

Over time, the introduction of aluminum and steel frames has created a new era for this sports field. With lightweight material and high durability, the new design of racquets has attracted a large number of customers.

Today, most racquet frames are made from graphite or graphite composites combined with materials such as titanium and fiberglass. This not only increases flexibility but also saves costs for the consumer. 

2. What are some reputable toddler tennis racket brands?

This brand is always the priority choice for toddlers. They have created the best racquets in the world for a wide range of ages. With a high degree of expertise, their expertise trickles down even to their pint-size toddler option.

Below is a picture of a racquet that weighs only 5.2 ounces produced by Babolat Ballfighter with the children’s Mermogrip system. This grip system helps your little boy or girl hold the racquet properly and ensures safe hands.

This is a racquet brand that always brings comfortable feelings to the user. Specifically, the manufacturer has printed a smiley face on the string pattern. This innovative design has successfully attracted many young players. Besides, this brand also creates many versions with a variety of colors to suit boys and girls.

One outstanding advantage of this brand of racquets is the perfect fit for children. Many parents commented that two-year-olds could use it effortlessly. Besides, the low price compared to other brands makes it the best choice.

This is the most affordable option on the list. Although not a top brand of tennis racquets, they are striving to achieve high results.

They offer a toddler tennis racket at a meager price. However, if you are not satisfied with their product, you have a 90-day money-back guarantee.

The brand also offers a variety of options based on gender and age. Therefore, parents can find the most suitable tennis racket for their children with this brand.


It is undeniable that playing tennis brings outstanding benefits to children, such as health and teamwork skills, so read the above article to know how to choose toddler tennis racket. 

Don’t forget that your young players will be intimately attached to the tennis racket throughout their childhood, so choose an option that works best for them. It is advisable to consider the three brands of racquets mentioned

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