Learning how to clean tennis balls properly is essential for avid players. The quick and straightforward strategies will bring you different benefits, such as saving time and energy. Moreover, they can help you to extend your tennis balls lifespan.

Therefore, in this article, we offer blow-by-blow and straightforward methods to master these skills correctly. Each way gives you outstanding advantages and applications, so check it out until the end to not miss out on our helpful hints.


Things You Need Before Cleaning Tennis Balls

Before starting your journey to clean your balls, preparing all tools will boost the cleaning process. Here is the list of items needed to learn how to clean the balls.

3 Fast And Simple Methods To Clean Your Tennis Balls

Method 1: Wash tennis balls by hand (the most straightforward)

This strategy is the cheapest solution yet brings you the most incredible outcome. Moreover, it is easy to adjust the force when you wash it, helping to maintain your ball better. However, for those who suffer from atopic dermatitis (eczema), it is best to wear gloves while using this strategy.

Step 1:

Fill a sink or a bucket with warm water. You may want to change the water level depending on the total number of balls you possess. Noticeably, the water should be warm or lukewarm, which you can put your hands in without suffering from a burn.

Besides, cold water won’t work well, so try to reach an appropriate temperature for your hands and balls. If you tend to clean numerous balls simultaneously when they are so dirty, you can add more water to simplify the cleaning process.

Step 2:

Add laundry detergent or liquid soap to the water. However, some gentle laundry detergents are not strong enough to remove hard stains. Therefore, using the same amount of detergent as the dish soap level in the sink is tactical. 

In addition, if you clean the balls that your pets play with, it is best to combine non-toxic pet-friendly cleaners or items originated from hydrogen peroxide to remove mildew, stains, and mold on the expired tennis balls.  

On the other hand, your tennis balls are prone to float. Therefore, it is essential to add some tools like a barbell plate to weigh them down. Others soak their balls in a bag, which facilitates crushing all the air.

Step 3:

The following step is to give your balls adequate time to soak for about 30 minutes. If they are so dirty, it is best to let them soak longer.

Step 4:

After the balls have soaked for about 30 minutes or more, scour them with a sponge or a rag. This way will remove any dirt during the soaking process with ease. After scrubbing, you can rinse your balls with lukewarm water.

Step 5: 

Let your balls dry for about 15 minutes. If you are in haste, dry them with a quiet dryer. Always set your machine to slight heat to prevent changing the shape and quality of your balls.

Method 2: Use the washing machine (significant performance)

A washing machine is an excellent tool for those who don’t have much time to clean balls by hand. However, there are some valuable tips to learn how to clean your balls with this method. One of the most practical hints is to use cold water instead of warm water.

Step 1: 

Set the cold water setting of your washing machine to prevent the warping of rubber in the balls. Then, apply the same settings you use to wash your usual stack of clothes. Moreover, it is not advisable to turn on the spin cycle function because it may make your balls warp easily, leading to severe damage to your washer.

Step 2: 

Add laundry detergents that you usually use for washing your clothes. It is best to apply the exact amount you tend to wash a small stack of clothing.

Step 3: 

When your balls are clean, the next step is to move them to the dryer with the lowest heat for approximately 10 minutes. If it is inconvenient, you may want to permit them to air dry.

Method 3: Use Kleenball lawn tennis ball cleaner (the most convenient)

Kleenball is a lawn tennis ball tool used to get rid of dirt particles from the balls. It uses delicately bristled brushes to rub away grime and dirt feebly.

Step 1: 

Insert your ball in the cleaner properly and lock it.

Step 2: 

Activate the brushes slowly in a circular way until the balls are clean. Many users find this tool handy, which you will find in many sporting goods shops. After your balls become clean, learn to use them with different functions here.



We hope you can master how to clean your tennis balls yourself with 3 quick and straightforward strategies above. Each way brings you different advantages, leading to the most convenient to the most outstanding performance.

Besides, always consider the water level and set the lowest heat buttons to protect your ball, the washing machine, and the dryer. Finally, should you find this article helpful, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and relatives to gain more exciting experiences about the most excellent tips to wash your balls.

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