Tennis is one of the most common sports for many people of different ages nowadays. In addition to techniques, the costume is an important factor when playing this sport. So what should you wear to play tennis if you are still a newbie?


Dress code for tennis

Tennis dress code

Depending on the place you play, it will have different requirements about the tennis dress code. Here’s how:

If you intend to play tennis in the park or any other public court, there is no need for a specific dress code. You can wear any type of clothes as long as you feel comfortable. A tennis costume might be a great option for you to wear. For shoes, you can wear any brand which is smooth and non-marking soles.

If you play tennis in a club, it is mandatory for you to wear clothing recognized by the club. Shoes without marking soles are also required to protect the court. Other options such as workout clothes, t-shirts, or gym shorts are on the banned list.

If you play on a professional court, you should follow the guidelines of tennis clothing similar to those at the club. You must wear recognized tennis attire to show your professional manner.

Male and Female Attire

Male attire

Female attire

Practice vs Match Attire

In fact, you can wear the same or different clothing for practice and for matches. During the practice, it is more likely for tennis players to get more casual and comfortable attire. Men can wear no-collar shirts while women can wear shorts or leggings.

Unlike any practice, a professional outlook is necessary for any tennis match. You have to wear specific clothing as required to avoid any trouble on the court.



Can you wear leggings to play tennis?

Even in some professional courts, both male and female tennis players can wear leggings. Leggings are a great idea to keep you warm when playing tennis outdoors in the cold weather. It is more popular for many players to wear leggings to play this sport.

Why do tennis players not wear sunglasses?

The main reason for not using sunglasses is that any pair of sunglasses can have a negative impact on players’ vision in all weather conditions. This can be a threat to their performance on the court.

What happens if you don’t wear white at Wimbledon?

If you do not follow the rules stated about white clothing, you will be disqualified and have no chance to join the court at that time at Wimbledon.

What kind of shoes do tennis players wear?

Shoes for tennis players are quite special when they tend to be smoother along with outstanding design to avoid marking soles on the court.

How do you look cute in tennis?

To have a cute look for this sport, you should wear:


In general, it is not complicated for you to pick a suitable outfit for tennis. When you play in public or for practice, you can wear casual attire to become more comfortable. Meanwhile, you have to wear recognized tennis clothing for any professional match. In all circumstances, a pair of shoes that is supportive and leaves no soles are essential to reduce any arising risk.

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