Is It Safe To Play Tennis During COVID-19? (Precautions & Tips)

Is it safe to play tennis during COVID-19


In the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has swept through the world and redefined our lifestyles. What was once deemed normal is now a luxury, including the chance to go out and enjoy a bit of exercise.

As a result, many people are scrambling to pick out a sport that provides mental and physical benefits while still maintaining COVID-19 safety tips and recommendations.

Therefore, it should be no surprise why “Is it safe to play tennis during COVID-19” becomes such a hot topic. And today, let’s have a look at the answer!


Is It Safe To Play Tennis During COVID-19?

Yes, it is safe to play tennis during this pandemic. However, a distance of 6 feet among players must be strictly maintained, and whoever participates must adhere to preventative measures.

It is because tennis is not a person-to-person contact type of sport. Thus, the risks of getting COVID-19 when playing are relatively low. However, if you want to engage in tennis – regardless of indoors or outdoors – you still have to keep your guards up and be careful.

Who Should Not Play Tennis During COVID-19?

If you belong to the following categories, refrain from playing tennis per se and other activities that might expose you to people.

  • You have been in contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
  • You have any symptoms of the coronavirus. These include sore throat, loss of taste and/or smell, difficulty breathing, raspy voice, fever, constant cough, etc. If you are not entirely sure, watch this Youtube video for a detailed description of day-to-day symptoms.

Precaution Steps For Tennis Players

Before, during, and after each game, make sure you always act in accordance with the health guidelines from the CDC.

Before starting the game, wash your hands with soapy water for at least 20 seconds. Do not forget to thoroughly cleanse the tip of your fingernails and the space between the fingers. Feel free to bring along a hand sanitizer spray to sterilize your racket further.

  • You must bring all the equipment from home to minimize outside contact. A typical player should have a bottle of water, a few tennis balls, and towels. Other items such as headbands, wristbands, or hats are optional. And of course, bring your masks along with other protective gear along!
  • You should arrive at the court as reasonably close as possible. The more unnecessary time you spend outside, the more likely it is for you to catch coronavirus.

  • Upon entering the court, try not to touch on the gates, doors, locks, fences, benches, or any other public spaces if possible.
  • If you happen to sneeze or cough, do not do it right in the middle of the air. Use a piece of tissue to ensure respiratory droplets cannot spread out.
  • Once you start playing, maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other players and do not come close to each other. Any close physical interaction like a high-five, chatting face-to-face, or shaking hands can wait until the pandemic is over. 
  • If you intend to play doubles, talk with your partner beforehand and reach a mutual understanding of how to coordinate on the court without compromising the safety precautions.
  • After a match is over and it is time to switch ends of the court, make sure you do it swiftly and without coming too close to other players.
  • Check the local guidelines and see if you are allowed to put your mask off while being active on the tennis court. Whenever you are not playing, put your mask on to cover your entire mouth and nose.
  • Avoid using the locker room or the changing area once you finish playing. Wash your hands again before leaving the court as soon as possible. 



Why do many people enjoy playing tennis during COVID-19?

First of all, sports tennis events can still be held under the strict guidelines of the CDC against the pandemic. Participants have to stay at opposite ends of the court with or without the presence of coronavirus anyway, so all they need to do is act more carefully.

Secondly, tennis provides a full-body workout, which is much-needed for people who do not have the space to exercise regularly now that gyms are closed. All body parts, from shoulders to arms, from the lower back to legs, etc., can enjoy the burn from swinging the racket and hitting the balls.

Thirdly, players can still chit-chat with others on the court even if they stay 6 feet away from each other. Here, the need for social interaction is just as important as physical benefits. 

Can tennis balls transmit coronavirus?

There has been no evidence saying that tennis balls can carry coronavirus. However, it will not do you any harm to take extra measures. You can either put on a pair of gloves while handling the balls around, or you can use a hand sanitizer spray to quickly sterilize the balls.


Now that you have read through the guidelines, the question “Is it safe to play tennis during COVID-19?” should no longer bother you. If you want to pick up your racket and venture outside for a match, remember to comply with the safety tips and tricks for your well-being!

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