A basic definition of overgrip tennis is a tool that can connect your hand and racket, and it is also a strong shield for the racket grip. However, do you know how to use this gadget properly and effectively? This post will provide you with all the valuable facts about overgrip tennis. Scroll down!







A Complete Package Of Information

The following section will explain the fundamental knowledge of the overgrip so that everyone can understand when reading our article, even beginners.

What Is Overgrip?

For tennis newbies, an overgrip is a soft wrapping in the form of a cushion. To get it for your tennis racket, you can buy it separately online or in-store.

Unfortunately, overgrip can’t last for a long period. There will be time your overgrip wears out, and you need to interchange it. There are other types of overgrips with more stickiness for better sweating absorption or extra cushion for better grasps besides the classic one.

Types of Tennis Overgrip

You can buy overgrips as a full pack. Specifically, there are three main types of tennis overgrip: three-grip, 10/12- or 30-grip pack. If you want to test the product’s quality, you should go for some of the 3-grip packs first and try the others later.

Another important thing to know before purchasing a pack of overgrips is to check the product’s characteristics through their label “tackiness,” “sweat absorption,” or “comfort.”

Many high-quality overgrips are available on the market, and some well-known brands can cost you more money. However, the quality of these high-budget overgrips will surely be worth the money you spend.

The popular Wilson will be highly recommended for you as other famous tennis players often use this brand overgrip tocontrolIf excellent sweat absorption.

Reasons Why You Should Use Overgrip Tennis

How Often You Need To Change Your Tennis Overgrip

In most cases, it’s time to change your overgrips if you can’t feel the cushion’s softness and its stickiness or the grip is getting too dirty.

By changing overgrips frequently, you can maintain the feeling when holding your tennis racquet. Moreover, its changing frequency depends on how often you practice and play tennis:

  1. As a beginner with a small practice amount of time, you can leave your overgrip for a month, while you need to change it weekly with average practice intensity.
  2. If you are a pro with serious training and tournaments, changing your overgrip several times per week or even per day is a must.

7 Steps To Replacement

  1. Remove the current overgrip.
  2. Unpack a new overgrip and take off its back’s plastic cover.
  3. You can see a long tape inside the new overgrip while unrolling it. Take the tape out, but don’t toss it away as you need to use it at the final step.
  4. On the overgrip’s tapered end, find the adhesive tab, as the tab can hold the overgrip at your racket’s bottom when you wrap it around the handle.
  5. Let the sticky side for the outside slowly wrap from the left: Firstly, make a full round at the bottom; next, gradually make the overlaps along with the handle to the top.
  6. If you have extra overgrip left, take a scissor to cut it or keep wrapping around until the end.
  7. Finally, use the tape we mentioned earlier to hold the grip at the handle’s top. And now, the racket is ready to use!


What Tennis Grip Size Should I Use?

If you got a racket with a big handle to your fist, it would be best to get another suitable one.

However, when you feel the grip is too small, the overgrip will be the best solution to increase the size of the handle with only two to three overgrip layers.

How Can I Make My Tennis Grip More Tacky?

You need to purchase the products with “extra tacky” labels if you need better tackiness.

How Do I Choose An Overgrip For Tennis?

To choose the perfect overgrips, please consider your tennis skill level and your practice routines.

If you practice several days per week and participate in many tournaments, you are a competitive player. As a result, overgrips with strong sweat absorption is the top choice. This type of overgrip can prevent the hand from slipping and enhance more comfort and tackiness while you’re playing in hot and intense conditions.

Suppose you only engage in friendly competition and practice one to two times per week. In that case, an extra tackiness and comfort overgrip is an ideal option for better racket control and feeling.

How Long Does Tennis Overgrips Last?

It’s time for you to change the overgrip when there is a lack of tackiness and comfort. Overgrips can stay for many weeks with casual players, while competitive players often need to change regularly.

What Is The Thinnest Tennis Overgrip?

Among all brands in the world, Babolat VS Original overgrips is the thinnest. The product can’t change the handle’s size but will enhance the performance and feel.

Do You Put An Overgrip Over The Original Grip?

It’s recommended to put your extra overgrip over the initial grip. Specifically, you can easily replace the current overgrips with new ones when they are wearing out.


Hopefully, you have all the necessary knowledge about overgrip tennis, such as its types and the best ways to replace overgrips to maintain the handle’s performance.

We believe that you can clear all your uncertainties with the frequently asked questions above. Thank you for reading! Let us hear your questions in our comment box below.