Playing Tennis In The Rain: Guiding For Players

Playing tennis in the rain. Things to know


Tennis is an interesting outdoor sport suitable for many people. But can you play tennis in rainy weather? And how to play tennis in the rain? Let’s read this article to figure out more useful guidelines.


How does rain affect it?


Rain will have varied impacts on different types of tennis courts. Here’s how:

  • Grass court: This court is simply affected by even a small amount of rain throughout the day. In fact, the grass is quite slick naturally. So, along with the rain, this can become worse.
  • Hardcourt: When it rains, any hard court would be slippery for players. It does take a lot of time to dry out for about 1 to 2 hours.
  • Clay court: Rain does not affect the quality of the clay court a lot. Normally, this court also needs watering regularly to maintain its best condition.


Once the ball gets wet from the rain, it becomes heavier. Therefore, your tennis ball can not bounce highly or travel fast as it did before. In other words, a wet tennis ball might have a bad performance and should be replaced at this time. However, you can use this ball again in your match as it would dry out.


Playing tennis in the rain might be dangerous for players. It is more likely to fall in the wet court if you are not careful enough. This could lead to some severe injuries when you are trying to play tennis in the heavy rain.

Additionally, the quality of a tennis ball will turn bad once it soaks in the water. And it is difficult for you to have a good vision in the weather like this. So all of these factors would have a negative influence on your match.

Playing tennis in the rain

Under small rain, you can play on any court without many risks. However, when it becomes harder and lasts for longer, the tennis courts might be unsuitable for any play and even some injuries could happen.

Guiding for players

  • Using special sneakers with great traction to reduce the risk of being injured when running on the wet court
  • Wearing a hat or glasses to get better vision and protect your head
  • Bring towels to dry off your body and racket
  • Use additional tennis balls to replace any wet balls
  • Bring more rackets and shirts to change in case these things become too wet to use.



Can tennis rackets get wet?

Tennis rackets can get wet regardless of brand. Leather tennis rackets might be much more durable than synthetic ones. They will become slippery and hard to play with in wet conditions.

Can you play pickleball in the rain?

It is not a good idea to play pickleball in the rain. That is because this can lead to many serious injuries and even the quality of the play.

Why do they wet tennis courts?

Most of the tennis courts are watered regularly for maintenance. An appropriate amount of water is necessary to help these courts become stable and firm.

Can you play on wet clay courts?

Unlike other courts, clay courts are safe for you to play in the rain. However, when it becomes more intensive, you should stop your game as soon as possible to avoid any trouble.

How do you dry wet tennis balls?

To dry out the balls, you can:

  • Use a dryer: Dry your balls at low heat to protect the quality of their fiber.
  • Use a towel: This method takes you a few minutes to dry completely your tennis ball.
  • Use a hairdryer: Turn on cooling mode in your hairdryer when drying the ball so that its surface will have no damage.


You can play tennis outdoors in the rain. Rain could have several unwanted impacts on tennis courts or tennis balls. And some risks might happen when playing in the rain.

So, if you still would like to play tennis in this condition, you should prepare carefully to protect yourself from any problem.

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