Playing Tennis In Winter: Important Things To Know

Playing Tennis in Winter: Important Things To Knows


Tennis is an interesting sport which is common for many types of people. But is it possible to have a tennis match in the winter? How can you play tennis in the winter appropriately? This article will help you to answer that.


Playing indoors

When the temperature drops significantly, playing tennis on an indoor court might be helpful a lot. This can keep your body warm and avoid any health issues coming from intensive weather conditions.

However, it is quite expensive to hire a suitable indoor court for your play. And it does not offer you natural lighting like the outside ones. With the bad lighting, your matches would become worse and less interesting.

Playing outdoors

It does not matter to play tennis outdoors when the weather is still not too cold. Playing outside can help you feel more comfortable with a large space.

On the other hand, this would lead to several risks. If you do not wear enough clothes to stay warm, your body can suffer from many health issues. Additionally, low temperature can also directly affect the quality of your balls and racquets.

Top 5 tips you should remember

  • Warm-up before joining the match: This activity is much more necessary in the cold weather. You can do some simple stretches to make your body ready and minimize any severe injury.
  • Keep hydrated throughout the game: In all conditions, water might help you a lot to balance your body when playing sports. You should keep yourself hydrated before, during the breaks, and after the match as well.
  • Wear tennis gloves: There are now many kinds of gloves made from different materials. A suitable glove needs to be firm and help you hold your racquet tightly. Even though it can have some impacts on your experience, it will protect your hand from freezing.
  • Wear multilayers: It is hard to play when your body is getting cold. So you should add some layers such as leggings, jackets, etc to keep you warm enough in the winter.

Get a good-quality pair of tennis shoes: Some courts can become slippery in the winter so suitable shoes might give you good traction. This would protect you from many injuries related to your feet or ankles.



How do you practice tennis in the winter?

  • Take participate in a local club
  • Take tennis lessons
  • Practice many exercises indoors
  • Make some adjustments for outdoor play such as style, warm-up, stay hydrated, add clothes and gear

What is the lowest temperature outside tennis?

You can play outdoors until the temperature falls below zero. When it becomes colder, it is impossible to play with freezing hands, and the tennis balls tend not to bounce.

What does cold weather do to tennis strings?

In cold weather, the strings are more likely to break because they become stiffer under low temperatures. So it can harm your performance.

What is a good temperature to play tennis?

Your match will be perfect when playing at suitable temperatures ranging from 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can you play tennis outside in winter?

Many players can play outside in the cold weather. With careful preparation, you and your partners can still enjoy playing tennis outdoors.


During the winter, you can choose to play tennis indoors and outdoors. Each option might have its own advantages and disadvantages. However, you should have good preparation to protect yourself in all circumstances.

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