Practice Tennis: Coach’s Suggestions To Improve Your Game

Practice tennis: Coach's Suggestions to improve your game


Tennis is not a very merciful game for beginners, but once you get the hang of it, it can be a fun sport to pursue for a long time! Join us in today’s article “Practice Tennis: Coach’s Suggestions To Improve Your Game” to learn how you should get started with tennis!


Why You Can’t Improve

There are three major reasons every tennis beginner may not be able to upgrade their skills despite the time they spend:

  • Beginners lack the proper guidance from coaches and practice plans. This can mean that they do not possess the basic tennis techniques that every player should know, and they will take longer to improve.
  • Beginners lack the practice frequency to get to know their skills. Some people get discouraged by their inability to play, and some may give up on practicing as a whole, leading to a worse skill set than ever before.
  • Beginners lack the physical capabilities needed for the sport. Hand-eye coordination, upper body strength, and quick footwork are necessary for tennis.

Professional’s Advice:

If you want to get rid of these drawbacks on your games, try these tips recommended by coaches down below!

  • Daily Exercise Plan:

Your workout should always start with a careful warm-up, or you’ll get leg or arm cramps while you’re practicing!

Afterward, experts say that swinging your tennis racket around randomly in all directions is advised. This kind of movement will allow your arms to get used to the racket’s weight, and free up your movement for learning strokes.

Make sure your training move set is consistent so you can keep track of your growth.

  • Train Your Tennis Skill Set:

This is a continuation of the previous paragraph’s last note. A consistent set of target strokes will let you learn how to play slowly but steadily.

A sign of mastering a drill or a hit is that you can think of the technique and instinctively execute it. You should only update your skillset when you can spot this in your practice matches. The learning flow should be from serves to simple hits, and finally, tricky drills and power shots.

  • Use Tools To Train Alone:

Hitting the ball constantly on your own can be boring, and this has led to many beginners abandoning the sport already. But in this era of technological advancement, you will never have to practice alone again!

Hitting against a marked wall or a net lets you in on the basics, but a smart tennis ball machine trumps over all these methods. You can make adjustments to the machine’s settings to fit your current learning speed and skill set!

  • Take A Partner:

If you can’t find a partner of your own level, practicing with intermediate players will suffice. The end goal is that you’re training against a real opponent and putting your movements as well as your reflexes to the test!

London’s Wimbledon is still the most famous tennis stadium


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Get Better at Tennis Fast?

The secret to getting better fast is trusting the process.

If you already have a great base to build on, you’ll grow more quickly, but that’s not all for a tennis player. A beginner should have a logical and suitable learning plan for them to even advance in the games, so finding a good teacher is a must.

Be patient. You won’t get good in a week, but you’ll improve faster than you think!

2. Does The Tennis Ball Machine Improve The Game?

As we’ve mentioned before, a good tennis ball machine can let you diversify and solidify your shots all at once if you know how to use it correctly. Some high-class devices will allow players to customize the shots and try out new hits that may not exist!

3. How Do You Come Back From A Tennis Match?

There are two things you need to do:

  • Examine your opponent: You can ask them to practice with you to know their movements and strategies. From there, you can make your own plan against that.
  • Examine yourself: If any skills stand in the way of your victory in the previous match, you might want to get a rest and practice that one skill later.

4. How Many Times A Week Should You Play Tennis?

You should try to play at least 3 times per week to gain momentum. If you can afford to get out more, 4-5 days of practicing every week can make you grow super quickly!

5. What Are Three Skills Used In Tennis?

You should be able to master the “lob”, the “overhead”, and the “drill” before moving on to fancier skills.

6. How Do You Hit a Wall In Tennis?

Hitting a wall can help you practice your drills and their accuracy, so of course, you should learn how to do the drill first.

Afterward, you can try drawing an X on the wall to see how often you can aim for it!


That last note should conclude our article “Practice Tennis: Coach’s Suggestions To Improve Your Game”! Tennis is definitely a sport worth playing and a great exercise for everyone, so if you can pick it up, stay patient! In no time you’ll get good very soon, we believe in you!

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