Roger Federer’s Racquet might not be a miracle to get him the win, but this sports implement can significantly impact his game style. It is not a surprise that Wilson has developed their items to follow his ideas of a professional racquet. If you want to know more about what racquets are for the pros, this writing is for you.



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Wilson In Roger Federer’s Career

From the first period of professional play, Roger Federer has used the Wilson brand, with his first racquet being Wilson Pro Staff 85, which is quite small in the head of 85 sq. inches.

Next, up during the 2002 tournament, he switched into a bigger racquet at 90 sq. inches for the head size – Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 6.0 Yellow W.

Not until the packed injury and slumping results in 2013, he made a decision to work with Wilson to have a bigger pasture version. And it is when Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph comes out and becomes the preferable racquet he uses up to now.

Federer worked closely with Wilson so that he can have his own specs at publically choice rather than having the paint version as Djokovic or PT630 of Murray with a string pattern of 16×19. According to Feeder, he would like to have everyone who loves tennis use the racquet he plays.

Roger Federer’s Racquet Customization

Although the Wilson manufacturer does not offer any power pads, string saver, or lead tape, it has string specs on the club frame. However, the racquet for Federer might be customized to fit his handle.

Wilson Pro Staff Autograph might ask its user for the ability to handle quite heavy racquets, but it’s still a good version to make you have wonderful hits.

When playing, you will need to notice whether you are suitable for this racquet’s weight or not. A heavy version plays an important role in a strong and correct hit. If you find it hurts your wrist, you must have picked the wrong string or frame stiffness.

Now you might wonder about the Pro Staff specification, right? Let’s continue reading.

Roger Federer’s Wilson Pro Staff RF97

The technical specialization


The Original Pro Staff version 6.0 features the stripes in yellow and bold with similar technologies of RF97 like Kevlar, braided graphite, and the system of  Perimeter Weighting. In this system, the racquet will have extra weight at the side of 9 and 3 o’clock at the head to reduce the chance of twisting issues while keeping control ability better.

The heavyweight, extra thin, and squared-off edges box beam of 17 mm and an amazing light balance of the head will help you have the essential skills to deal with any Pro Staff item. This racquet has its head size of 97 square inches, and the string pattern is 16 x 19.

Federer has shared the most important feature of this option: it contains a great string pattern, an appropriate weight, and a perfect design of box beam. That is the reason why the quite large head size is not the big problem when choosing this paddle.

Some Most Asked Questions

How much is Roger Federer’s racket?

Besides the brand name, the cost of a racket might also depend on its comfortable design features. And a Roger Federer’s Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph might cost you about €270 up to $344 for different versions.

 Why do tennis players have so many rackets?

The reason players have many rackets in a match is to make sure they always have the backup PLand for string replacement. Normally, you can have two strung racquets before any match. If you notice, you will find that pro players always bring some extra racquets to have the adjustments as the need for different conditions of playing and some other factors.

How much does it cost to restring a tennis racket?

For the most popular option, the labor cost is about $10 up to $20, and the restring cost might be around $30 and $40. Depending on the string you want, the price for restringing your racket may range from $15 up to $70.

What brand does Roger Federer wear?

Roger Federer represented and water Nike tennis shoes for his performance and apparel until March 2018. At the time of contract expiration with the Nike brand, Federer has corporated with a lifestyle enterprise Uniqlo from Japanese and still wears tennis shoes from Nike as the Japanese brand does not offer performance shoes.

What grip size does Nadal use?

Rafael Nadal is used to having grip size at 4 1/4

What racquets do the pros really use?

There is no sole option for a pro racquet. However, the most popular version of the top 100 ATP player is Wilson Blade 98, with 12 players using this version.

What racquet does Djokovic use?

The racquet Novak Djokovic uses is Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro.

 What is the most expensive tennis racket?

At the price of 1.3 million dollars, the Proximus Diamond Game Prize is the most expensive racket in the market for now. Made of pure gold, this racket contains 1,700 diamonds in real.

Some Last Words

That is a piece of briefing information about Roger Federer’s Racquet. After taking some time in this article, we guess you now have a plan of finding some similar racquet to his. It is not really hard for you to carry out this order as the racket is available in any tennis store now. Hope you have the best time playing tennis.

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