Tennis Equipment List For Players: Things To Know

Tennis Equipment List for Players

Despite being a novice, you will not want to show up to the tennis course with your hands empty. Let’s not hesitate and hit the store to do some shopping with this tennis equipment list for players in mind, and you will get every item you need right now!

There are countless tools for you to choose from when you’re just starting out as a novice tennis player. But this list below should be able to help you get started!




The first thing you will need to purchase with careful inspection is your racket. If the budget allows, you can even get a backup one in case your tennis-playing buddy forgets theirs.

These rackets can come in a variety of materials like metal alloys or wood, as long as it is light enough to swing around and heavy enough to add force to your serves. So there is no limit to what material these come in!


All of the balls will generally be identical in appearance and size because they all follow the same manufacturing regulations from the International Tennis Federation. The balls should feel hefty and bouncy in your hands.

The balls usually have a bright yellow color to stand out on the orange court. If you’re buying them for children under ten years old, you’ll notice that junior balls move much slower and bounce lower for kids to hit more easily!


These products have much more lateral support than typical running shoes. The footwear is enforced more carefully, especially on the side, to let the wearer move safely from one side of the court to the other. If you use your normal shoes, you’ll either sprained your ankle or damage the court itself.


Even if the leather/nylon grip on your racket handle feels comfortable when you first hold it, you’ll hurt your hands if you have longer matches. That’s why you are going to need a roll of overgrip to help you get a firmer grip. You will have a better grip in the long run, too, since overgrip absorbs the sweat on your hands!


You have seen the court attire already, haven’t you? Men are in tees or polos and shorts that are above the knee, and women are in either the same thing or a comfortable short dress with safety shorts underneath. Tank tops are also viable options.

The common attribute among these diverse shades of fashion is the material. Tennis players are advised to wear stretchy, non-absorbent, and breathable clothes, so polyester is very popular.


Contact your local gym/sports center for this. Most places have a tennis court for bookings nowadays, and the fee is quite cheap too!

Ball Machine

Tennis Equipment List for Players: Tennis Essentials

These manufacturers are great for practicing alone as well as with a partner. Some machines can even let you customize shots that don’t exist to sharpen your skillset!


1. What Brand Is Most Associated with Tennis?

Sports-related brands such as Nike and Adidas are definitely up on the list. But if you’re well-versed in your games, you’ll recognize household names like Babolat, Yonex, and even Wilson!

2. What Does a Beginner Tennis Player Need?

For now, you’ll need your racket, balls, shoes, and outfit first. Overgrip and other devices like ball machines or speedometers are for intermediate to professional players!

3. What Is Special about Tennis Shoes?

These shoes are heavily supported on the sides, so you can slide much more quickly and safely. If it weren’t for these side paddings, the rate of ankle injury in games would be so much higher than it is now. Without the side protection, not even high socks can save your feet.

4. Do Tennis Ball Machines Improve Your Game?

Not only will tennis ball machines improve your strategy and shot diversity, but they will also prevent you from having to bow down to pick up the ball and save your back!

5. Why Do Tennis Players Wear Skirts?

Female players wear skirts for a number of reasons. They want to stay comfortable and cool during the match.

6. What Should I Buy for Tennis?

Consult the list from above, and you’ll be prepared! Don’t forget to save up, though, because tennis equipment can be quite pricey at times.

Outro: That is all you need to know about the tennis equipment list for players! Preparing for your game makes for a great playing experience as well as gameplay safety, so don’t hesitate to take a stroll down the stores and get yourself the suitable tools. Sometimes, your equipment can make you quite fashionable as well!

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