Tennis Racket Head Size 98 Vs 100: Which One To Choose? 


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Unquestionably, the performance of a racket cannot lack the head size attributes, which leads to the importance of choosing the suitable size. However, seeking an adequate head size is never easy as it sounds, especially when picking from two options nearly the same size as tennis racket head size 98 vs 100.

As a result, the article following will assist you in clarifying some essential points to clarify and differentiate between these two standard head sizes. Then, you might probably know whether a racket 98 vs 100 in size suits your demand the most without hassles. 

So, let’s explore now! 

Overview Of Tennis Racket Head Size 98 Vs 100

Head size covers the entire head of a racket where the strings are created. Generally, you might see it measured in square centimeters or inches. 

In addition, the racquet in sizes might vary in different scales, from small to large categories. Indeed, 98 or 100 square inches are common sizes that are favorable to use nowadays. So, what is unique about these two sizes? Let’s dive into details now! 

The Tennis Racket 98-inch Square


According to 3 distinct categories of size, the racquet with 98-inch square belongs to the medium size. But, on the other hand, this size is suitable for players who don’t know whether your strike is decisive or not. 

Besides, no matter who you are, a newbie or an old hand at playing tennis, this product is worthy of consideration due to the essential power and surface area. 

The Tennis Racket 100-inch Square

Unlike tennis racket head size 99, it is more complex to define the 100-in². You might find this size in both medium and large categories. Hence, this size might adapt to excessive numbers of players, even short or average length swings. 

3 Major Differences Between Tennis Racket Head Size 98 Vs 100

In this part, there are 3 outstanding highlight points mentioned above to help you differentiate between these tennis racquets effectively. Hence, don’t forget to keep reading to understand these two kinds of sizes better. 



It is transparent that the larger size delivers more power, which means the smaller size converts less power. Indeed, the racket’s head with a larger size allows more space for the tennis ball to approach the string deeply, resulting in the rebound effect and extracting the powerful force for each strike.  

Accordingly, the 100 racquet head certainly gives you more power than the 99-inch square one. Consequently, the tennis players who don’t have much natural strength, for instance, a newbie or a slight woman, might prefer the 100-inch square racket head for extra power. 


Maneuverability is the second distinct point between them.

Supposed that other elements are equal such as materials, length, and so on, the 98 racket head is straightforward to control due to the less extra mass. Therefore, this size might cater perfectly to beginners due to the easy maneuverability, which supports them to learn other techniques with less effort. 

Apart from that, the 100 racket head requires further effort to get acquainted with control, especially when playing in an environment with many obstacles or resistance like wind or additional drag. As a bonus, if you prefer to use this size, one tip for dealing with this drawback is using lighter materials for the head and adding weight to the handle. 


Hitting surface area 

Another difference between these rackets is the surface area. It is no secret that the larger size has more area to get the ball with less margin of fluffing a stroke. Moreover, the powerful force of the strike might not affect the player’s hand much. This is the main reason why the 100 racket head is suitable for newbies. 

Conversely, the 98 one requires more skillful techniques for precise stroke due to the smaller hitting surface area. Hence, advanced players or ones with long swings prefer this kind of head size for a more fantastic playing experience. 

Which Is Better? 

Honestly, there is no specific measure to define which tennis racket head size 98 or 100 is better. Indeed, choosing these sizes depends primarily on your demand and your current level of endurance condition with this sport. 


For instance, the 98 racquet head might suit players who are old hands at tennis due to precise techniques of hitting balls. Moreover, you prefer the racket with more control and without much extra power, then pick the 98-inch square size. 

Meanwhile, if you are a beginner, or prefer more power when hitting the ball, then the racquet 100 might be ideal. Furthermore, the larger surface area allows you to practice playing tennis with less effort. However, be mindful that a drawback when using this head size is less maneuverability. Gradually, you can move to another size once you desire to upgrade your skill with a precise stroke. 

Besides, refer to this video to acquire more information about picking a suitable tennis racquet! 


It is not an easy task to initially differentiate tennis racquet head size 98 vs. 100. But, hopefully, after reading this article, you no longer feel confused about that, and further confidently pick the suitable one for your satisfying playing experience. 

Besides, don’t hesitate to share any differences in the comment part below to discuss more! Furthermore, if you find this article helpful, feel free to send it to your relatives and friends. 

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