It is apparent that both oversize and midplus tennis racket have their own outstanding advantages. As a result, many people sit on the fence when choosing between tennis racket oversize vs midplus.

Seemingly, choosing a suitable racket requires you a lot of time to research. However, there is no need to fret too much; the following article will mention the difference between oversize and midplus rackets to make it easier for you to choose.

Overview Of Oversize & Midplus Tennis Racket

Before comparing the two types of racquets, we need to consider the characteristics of oversize and midplus racquets to have a more objective view.

Oversize Tennis Racket

The type of oversize tennis racquet has an average weight of 225 to 270g. And its head size is 105 inches and up. It also has a large racket frame.

Racquets of this type have excellent power. Therefore, it serves as the best choice for beginners who will not need to use long, fast swings.


Midplus tennis racquet 

Midplus Rackets averagely weigh from 270g to 310g. This type of racket has a head size from 98 to 104 inches. They also have a medium racket frame.

The midplus rackets are perfect for players looking for a combination of racket power and control. It is made for players with medium to long swing speed and cuts.

Tennis Racket Oversize Vs Midplus: What Are The Differences?

Many people find it challenging to choose between these racquets. In this article, there are two considerations to get this point across. First, take each of these individually a deeper look.


It is proven that the larger the head size, the more power a racquet will offer. Therefore, when it comes to power, racquet oversize will deliver more power than racquet midplus.

To easily understand why this comes up, you need to think of your racket as a trampoline. It is evident that the larger the trampoline is, the higher you can jump. Because you get more energy return allowing you to bounce.

On the other hand, a giant racquet head will make the ball sink deeper into the string, which will result in a significant rebound effect and automatically produce more power.


The larger the head size, the more difficult it is to maneuver because of the extra mass at the top of the racquet and additional resistance or wind force. Therefore, an oversize racquet will have more maneuverability than a midplus racquet.

Due to its higher maneuverability, an oversize racquet will be a good fit for players at first learning. Then, it allows them to learn proper techniques more easily.


The midplus racquet has more control than the oversize version. That is why it is common to see many touring pros pay with midplus racquets all the time.

However, a smaller sweet spot is a downside of the midplus racquet. It requires you to be more precise on your shots when striking the ball.

But, surprisingly, both advanced and intermediate succeed with flying colors when using midsize to oversize racquets. So, if you see an improvement in playing skills, let’s consider using a midplus racquet.

Torsional stability

The most significant difference between an oversize and midplus racket is torsional stability. The wider the racquet face, the higher resistance to twisting along its axes is, which means you gain more stability when striking the ball with an oversize racquet.

The midplus racquet has less stability than an oversize version. But it’s a trade-off because an oversize racquet also hinders your ability to twist the frame. If you prioritize stability, don’t hesitate to choose an oversize racquet.

Here is a video by the Top Seed Tennis channel about “Picking a tennis racket”

Tennis Racket Oversize Vs. Midplus: Which Is Better?


From what has been analyzed above, making a choice is a lot easier. Generally, an oversized racquet will have more power, maneuverability, and stability but less control.

Conversely, a midplus racquet will have less power, less maneuverability, less stability but more control. Therefore, depending on preference and individual needs, each person makes their own choice.

If you are a new player having no experience, an oversize racquet will be a good choice for you to avoid making as many mistakes as possible. In other words, if you are in the middle and advanced level, choosing a midplus racquet is the best choice to increase control.

Selecting a tennis racquet depends on your personal preference. Therefore, there is no right or wrong answer. Instead, you need to take your pick into considerations before making a decision. And keep in mind that the type of racquet you choose will influence how your racquet performs.

The best way to determine what you like and what is suitable for your needs is by demoing rackets. Then, try both types and experiment with your serve and netplay to find the most suitable racquet.


Choosing between tennis racket oversize vs midplus may be the most complicated decision for a beginner. To help you understand how to choose correctly, this article has outlined a comparison between two types of tennis racquets.

Hopefully, after reading this detailed article, you have had a bias against the tennis racquet you like. Don’t seek a tennis racquet just because the vast majority of people do. So, keep in mind to think twice about your preference before making your final call.

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