What Can I Do With An Old Tennis Racket? (7 Interesting Ideas)

What Can I Do With An Old Tennis Racket? (7 Interesting Ideas)


Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and restrictions, it is not as easy as the old days to bump into a store and grab some items. While it demotivates people to go shopping, many others turn to repurposing old accessories instead of buying new ones.

Indeed, tennis rackets are among the most popular items that get repurposed by Americans. This article will reveal 7 ideas for you to answer the question “What can I do with an old tennis racket” and save more money from buying a new one.


7 Ideas To Do With Your Old Tennis Racket

Photo Frame

The easiest way to repurpose old tennis rackets is to turn them into photo frames. First, nail or stick hooks on the wall to hang the frame. Then, get some wooden or color clips to pin your photos.

Should you need to decorate it to your favorite shades, have some acrylic colors or paintbox and work it out. The final task is simple and enjoyable: hanging your favorite Instax/ polaroid photos on the strings’ racket.

Jewelry holder

This type of holder is highly sophisticated in the eyes of vintage-style fans. First, wrap the racket tightly with your favorite colors of high adhesive glue. Then, decorate with a small thin rope in a specific style.

The next step is drilling a nail on the wall to hang the holder. Finally, the result should be a retro jewelry holder that can make a strong impression on anyone.

Another way to colorize your holder is by painting with acrylic colors instead of wrapped papers so they won’t slough gradually. Besides, adding a corkboard to assist the hanging is also a good idea.

Award Shelf

Believe us or not, old tennis rackets can make trophy holders. Essential tasks are slicing and dicing it into an award shelf. The technique is simple: You need to bend the snare of the racket to a 90-degree angle. Then, pin a cork to the end of the racket and hang it on the wall.

Coffee Table

There are two ways to create a coffee table with old tennis rackets. The first method is making them the ideal base for the coffee table, as demonstrated in the picture below. You’ll need three old tennis rackets to make this kind of table. After that, the beams are lathed to a round glass table.

Another way is similar to the tennis racket award shelf as mentioned above, which requires you to bend the head to form a small table surface. However, this design is only meant for truly strong tennis rackets.

It is better if you use the rackets for advanced and professional players as those can withstand more weight, have more durable strings, and have a tougher handle. Otherwise, the coffee table will soon be broken. Its oversized head is ideal for making a mini coffee table like in the photo below.

As a result, it is compulsory to find some wood frames to lathe rackets onto the surface of those frames to create a stable coffee table. On the handle or the beam, to make them more lively, try gluing some stickers.


Chalkboards are inspiring decorations for children’s rooms. Also, investing time in assembling a DIY chalkboard is always a memorable experience.

However, making chalkboards is more complicated than other items because more things on the checklist need to be prepared. To accomplish it, one must prepare jigsaws, jigsaw blades, multi-sander, sanding sheet for multi sander, and a cordless glue gun.

In addition, it is essential to prepare safety glasses, disposable gloves to protect yourself from getting hurt. The remake process includes six steps:

  • Remove all the strings with a utility knife.
  • Trace the shape of the racket.
  • Saw out the shape with a wood board.
  • Sand the wood.
  • Apply on a board paint.
  • Glue the board to the racket.

Decorative Mirror

Decorative mirrors are alternatives for photo frames when you cannot find the pictures that fit the frame. It is aesthetically pleasing to have mirrors like these in the house.

However, you need to use another tool to cut glasses into oval shapes. In this case, a glass cutter and saw blades are necessary to trim the thick pieces of glass. You should get special glue for glasses to stick to the wood frame, which will ensure their durability.

Bird Cage

Use two metal strings to hang the cage to the wall. To better attach the handle to the strings, you had better use a welder. Afterward, make a cage by gluing some sticks to the tennis rackets, as illustrated below.



Coming up with old tennis rackets in the basement, do not rush to retire them. It is unbelievable that old stuff can be turned into such useful, artistic decorative items.

Anyone asking “What can I do with an old tennis racket” might now be satisfied with the answer. For youngsters, they can take advantage of old tennis rackets to personalize household appliances. Besides, those who have children can apply these tips to remake bedrooms to cheer up your children.

Don’t forget to share these tips with your friends, so all of you can learn how to create some DIY accessories from old tennis rackets. If you have any better ideas, please feel free to let us know in the comment section. We always appreciate feedback from our readers.

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