We know how challenging it is to get those tennis matches downloaded. Yet, it’s not an impossible mission. So, if you’re asking yourself where to download tennis matches and how to do it, today’s post is for you.



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Where To Download Tennis Matches?

Unfortunately, there is no specialized site that allows you to download matches of tennis. However, many people claim that you could find and download lots of old matches using YouTube and a YouTube video downloader (we’ll go into detail later).

Of course, the platform doesn’t have all the matches; yet, its database is extremely large, and thus, the chances that you could find some videos are high.

If you’re afraid that you could only find the cuts instead of a full match, utilize the YouTube search filtering and adjust the length of videos to more than 20 minutes.

Below are a few famous YouTube channels that provide matches:

Downloading Matches On PCs And Phones

As mentioned above, YouTube is among the only platforms that provide previous matches of tennis. However, downloading those videos might be a problem as YouTube terms and policies don’t allow us to do so.

Yet, there are still several ways you can bypass such policies and get your favorite matches. Below, we’ve detailed the 3 most common and effortless methods to download videos from YouTube.

Download YouTube Videos Using A Converter

Select A Downloading Application/Converter

First, choose your favorite YouTube downloader available. Nowadays, we can easily spot various tools on the internet; and although there are many good free programs, the premium ones give significantly better performance.

Copy The URL Of Your Favorite YouTube Video From The Web’s URL Bar

Assume you’re utilizing a video downloader online. In this instance, go to YouTube and select the video that you wish to install. Then, copy the YouTube video’s URL that appears in the web’s URL bar.

After, open the tool’s site. When it launches, a text box will pop up in which you may paste the URL.


If you’re utilizing a download software, you must initially download and install it on the pc. After you open it, it will offer you a similar text box to paste the URL for later conversion.

Select the File Format and Video Resolution

After you enter the YouTube video’s link address into the text bar, you’ll be offered a slew of options. For example, y2mate allows you to select the file format, video resolution, and file size that you wish to obtain.


Many services also enable you to acquire YouTube clips in WMV, MPG, AVI, ASF, M2TS, 3GP, 3G2, FLV, MKV, SWF, WEBM, HTML5 WEBM, HTML5 OGG, HTML5, and other formats.

Now, choose the preferred options and hit the download icon. If you want to download more than 1 video, feel free to choose a specific location on your pc to store your downloaded clips. 

Download YouTube Videos Directly

Utilizing a YouTube video downloader is not the only method to get your tennis videos. It is also quite simple to get YouTube videos straight from YouTube.

Follow these easy steps, and you’re all set:

First, access YouTube on your device and search for the video you intend to save. Then, you must modify the URL in the URL bar (which sits on top of the browser) or the text editor of YouTube. Now, simply type the letters ‘ss’ after the ‘www.’ and before the ‘’

When you’ve completed adding the letters, just hit the ‘Enter’ button on the computer. You will then be transferred to a free download website.


Once transferred, you will access a range of free tools that do not require you to install anything. 

You’ll notice that the video address is now in the text box; thus, there’s no need to copy and paste any links. Now, simply select the ‘Download’ option, and you’re done.

Download YouTube Videos on Phones

It’s a little more challenging to save a YouTube video on your smartphone. We do, however, offer 2 quick methods for you to get them on your smartphones.

Method #1: If you possess an Android device, you could utilize the InsTube application. This application makes it extremely straightforward and free to save videos to your device.

Method #2: If you possess an iPhone operating IOS, you can’t utilize InsTube to save clips from YouTube.

Rather than that, purchasing the actual YouTube Premium is the quickest method to accomplish this. It’s an $11.99 monthly subscription, but it’s decent enough to justify the investment.


Inside the paid YouTube program, you may save and view videos directly on your smartphone. This is how many people do it, and we would advise you to do it as well.

Check this video for more instructions on how to download videos from YouTube: How to Download YouTube Videos

Where Can I Stream Tennis Matches?

On WatchESPN, you could view or rewatch videos of Grand slam tournaments. However, to view or rewatch different tournaments or games, the only legal options are to purchase a membership of for ATP tournaments or for WTA ones.

You can only stream them on Sony Six HD Channel for matches within the Australia Open, while the French Open matches are only available on NEO prime.

Meanwhile, if you want to watch the US Open, check the Ten sports channel. Regarding Wimbledon tournaments, the Star Sports network is happily the provider. However, for such channels and networks, it’s a must that you possess a dish TV, an airtel tv, or a tata sky.


Hopefully, now the topic on where to download tennis matches and how to do it no longer bothers you. Using our methods above, we bet you can download some great tennis matches for yourself. Good luck!

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