The quality of a tennis racket depends mainly on the features of the strings. But none of the racket strings can last forever. So do you know why it breaks? Let’s read the following article to understand all the reasons. 


How long can your tennis racket strings last?

It is normal for this product to go bad or even expire after a long period of time. Many factors affect it such as temperature, sunlight, wrong handling, and so on.

Most of them should be restrung each 3-month course to maintain the best condition of your racket. In fact, this figure might be different depending on how you use and protect your rackets.

It is risky for it when your balls hit near the racket frame despite how long you use them. Otherwise, sometimes this happens because you buy a low-quality racket with weak strings.

Damaged grommets can also cause the breaking of tennis string when they rub against each other. Additionally, players who make use of many topspins tend to break their fiber more often. That is because more movement with topspin will ruin them quickly.

Do methods protect your string from breaking



How often does a tennis player break the racket strings?

In fact, most professional players break their strings every week or maybe two. That is because they need to practice more regularly to improve their skills for many tournaments compared to other beginners.

Should you use a tennis racket with broken strings?

It is not a good idea to keep using a tennis racket with broken strings. This can not only ruin your racket completely but also reduce your performance in any tennis match.

Which type of racket strings is the most durable?

Among different types of strings, the polyester option is considered to be the most durable material. Even though it is more expensive, it is worth buying a polyester-string tennis racket. So, you can save a lot of money with less string maintenance.

Which are the best racket strings for beginners?

If you just start to play tennis, you can choose strings made from nylon or natural gut. These rackets are quite cheap so you do not need to pay much money. Besides, they give you more power as well as a comfort than the polyester ones.

Which strings do professional players use?

Most advanced players make use of polyester strings for every tennis match due to their high-grade quality.


All types of racket strings will suffer from wear and tear, or even breaking after a long period. Many factors can lead to breaking your strings, such as inferior material, high pressure, etc. So you should try different ways to keep them away from any damage.

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