It will be difficult for any player to have an exciting match with a low-quality tennis racket. But if you want to own a high-grade racket, you have to pay a lot. So why is it expensive? This article will help you to figure out the most suitable answer.


How expensive is a good tennis racket?

Normally, it does charge you from $30 to 70$ for a beginner racket. For advanced players, the price for a good-quality racket is much higher at around $150 to $300.

Besides, if money is not a matter with you, you can buy a high-end racquet that costs a few thousand or even a million dollars. Depending on the brands and designs, the prices of a great racquet will vary.

The reason why tennis rackets cost very lot

There are many reasons why a racket might be more expensive than the others. Here’s how:

Should you buy an expensive racket?

It is worth purchasing an expensive racquet for long-term use. As mentioned above, the high-cost rackets will have better strings than the cheaper ones. So you do not have to change the strings so many times, thus saving you a lot of money.

Additionally, you can feel more confident with a good-quality racket. Then, it is easier for you to get very good performances in any match. In addition to physical health, mental conditions also play an important role in the game.



How much does a professional tennis racket cost?

There are now many brands and models for professional rackets in the market at different prices. On average, a standard product for any advanced player will cost between $150 and $400.

Is a cheap tennis racket still good?

In fact, cheap tennis rackets still have some benefits for beginners. With aluminum materials, these rackets are quite light so it is more convenient for your swing and movement on the court. And it is not necessary to buy an expensive racket if you do not play this sport too often.

How many types of tennis rackets are there?

In terms of materials, it has 5 main types of rackets including wood, metal, composite, titanium, or graphite.

In terms of specifications, some kinds of tennis rackets consist of control rackets, power rackets, modern player rackets, and tweener rackets.

Which is the most expensive tennis racket?

Top 5 high-end racquets are available in the current market including:

Is it good to purchase a second-hand tennis racket?

If you are a newbie and do not want to spend much money on a racket, you can buy a used racket instead of the new ones. A second-hand racket which is still in good condition might be the best idea for you.


The high price of the racket comes from many factors such as polyester strings, good materials, or attractive styles. Depending on the models and brands, their prices can range from $30 to $400 for a standard racket, or even more than $1 million for a premium option. And you might get many benefits from an expensive racket.

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