The Wilson Ultra 100UL V3.0 Tennis Racket is a collaboration of design by Federer.

It is an exquisite design combining blue and black that is easily found in the Pro Staff product line. Not only that, but this product also helps you to touch the ball gently and make powerful swirling balls.

For both new and experienced players, this model of racket selection is perfect. If you are thinking about buying this product, we will give you many reasons you need to own it for your next thrilling tennis match.



About Wilson Sporting Goods Company

Wilson Sporting Goods Company gains the trust of its players with its rackets and other sports equipment. With the headquarter in Chicago, USA, the Wilson brand chain includes Wilson, Louisville, DeMarini, Atec, Evoshield, and Luxilon (brand of racket strings).

Many of the top professionals use Tennis Racquets, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Golf, Squash, and Volleyball from the Wilson brand. Each Wilson tennis racket is manufactured in a variety of designs, stability, and weight.

Thanks to a great combination of power and control, these rackets have been loved by many tennis players. The brand’s tennis rackets have become the best-selling tennis racket on the market today and are used by many professional athletes such as Roger Federer.

Wilson Company always claims the number one position in tennis racket production over the years. Wilson has been at the forefront of adopting new materials and advanced technologies to optimize the performance of the players.

You can see how these technologies help you to win the match in the review of the Wilson Ultra 100L Tennis Racquet. Let’s check them out in the next part.

Detailed Review


best choice for beginners

The Wilson Ultra 100L Tennis Racket is one of the best devices for beginners of Wilson’s Ultra racket line. With a large surface area and an oval design, this racquet helps the player to hit the ball accurately easily, perform the opening of the racket early without having to worry about sliding the ball.

Besides, the 16×19 string and the density of 8×8 strings at the center of the racquet can enhance the ability to spin the ball. Another excellent feature is the 100 square inches of surface area with a quite large sweet spot.

Therefore, the Ultra 100L assists you in having the ball hitting the ball accurately and stably.

What’s more?

When it comes to design, the clean lines and the blue accents of the racquet are combined with the matte paint and the fantastic smooth paint to provide a sleeker look. Additionally, the frame weight is light to provide a relatively fast swing speed compared to the Ultra series versions.

A lightweight racket, will give players the flexibility and ease to create the speed needed for whirlpool balls.

Here’s an exciting thing for you.

The Power Rib and Crush Zone are two new technologies that are set up for higher power.

The manufacturer strengthens the racket frame for stability and rigidity with Power Rib technology. This technology raises the stiffness in the neck of the racquet – the most affected position, leading to an excellent performance.

Also, the racket is equipped with Crush Zone technology, a system of knitting string holes designed to raise the time the ball stops on the surface, giving a better feeling of the ball and raising the force of hitting.

Another technology applied is Parallel Drilling, extending the optimal shadow contact point up to 15%, creating more power and force, and enhancing the feeling of users.

And the best part?

Thanks to the extra-strength Carbon fiber frame technology, the Ultra 100L surface retains its rigidity and flexibility, without the dead contact zones outside the center of the racquet. As a result, the hit which does not touch the center of the racket retains accuracy and strength.

Not to mention, the Ultra 100L frame design is excellent and effective anti-vibration, while the grip is durable, hygroscopic, and anti-slip. All bring excellent support for your tennis matches.

Note that with a light frame weight, low average power, this is a control-oriented version. Therefore, Ultra 100L does not create much speed for the ball if the player is not physically good.

Overall, this racquet is an excellent choice for a player with a low and medium level, needs a racket that creates high power, and creates a whirlpool but still has enough flexibility required.

Main features

How To Find The Best One To Win Every Game



To help you understand more about this racquet, here are some questions you may want to ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does This Wilson Tennis Racket Wear Out?

Yes, it does. The racket frame will be soft over time when you use it. It is because different stresses are put in and finally break the fibers and plastic of your racquet, resulting in a less rigid frame than before.

Is Heavy Tennis Racquet Better?

It depends on your needs. Generally, the heavier the racket, the more power it creates, but you need more force to swing it.

On the other hand, a lighter racquet produces less energy, but you can swing it easier. However, you have to turn faster to create the power equivalent of a massive racket with less swinging speed.

Professional tennis players can swing the heavy rackets faster for a longer time to create high strength. If you only play tennis in a regular club for fun, you should choose a light racket, about 245-315 grams of the unstrung version, to swing it faster.

Is It Good For Elbow Or Shoulder When I Play Tennis With A Light Racquet?

For people of average size, the weight of the racket does not make a difference to your shoulders or elbows. Shoulder or elbow problems are mostly caused by inappropriate techniques, racquet overuse, or excessive tennis playing.

Who Can Play With Tennis Racquet?

The Ultra 100UL V3.0 model is a portable, lightweight option for children and adults who prefer easy-to-play racquets. It is also the version suitable for women, semi-professional, low-power players, and beginners.

Which Style Can I Play With This Racquet?

Due to the balanced nature of this racquet, it is suitable for all styles of play, and whether you are an essential grind or a net grower, you can get good results from this racquet of Wilson.

Also, whether you’re playing an easy volley or half volley, this Ultra model gives you the feeling of stability and control, allowing you to get the clean touch you desire. It makes this racket the right choice for doubles and singles matches.

When Do I Need To Restring My Racquet?

You need to replace the strings immediately when they are broken or loose. Depending on your playing frequency, the length of time to use the string varies. You should also change the string every six months because it is bad for the frame if your strings lose their tension.

One tip for you is that if you know you’re not going to play for a while and have an expensive racket, you should string it with a cheap plastic string you’ll never play with. Then, before the tennis season or when you plan on playing tennis, you can change the suitable strings to win the game on the field.


With many outstanding advantages, the Wilson Ultra 100UL V3.0 Tennis Racket is an excellent choice for players who need to improve the spin of the ball and increase the accuracy of the hitting. If you want it, do not hesitate to bring it home.

For questions about this model, racket selection, or tennis technique, you can contact us for advice as soon as possible.

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